Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Matt Ashford is back! Woohoo!


According to Matt Ashford's facebook page, Matt is coming back as Jack Deveraux at the end of the month!


  1. i wonder if this going to be a plot to have daniel kill jack or jack being preach for being a bad daddy.

    Maybe a Carly/Jack pairing on the way? lol!

    I know DAYS is desperate for ratings but I don't have faith in their returns at this point; I think it is a wasted opportunity to be honest.

    Frankly, I wish the soap industry would quit doing these stunt returns or casting, if you call them that, and get back to telling good daily drama.

    Who will be the next person to get the pink slip from the show since MA isn't a cheap actor to bring back?

    Oh, how soon will the jack and jenn talk show set appear on DAYS again?

  2. Why is it a stunt return! It is what fans want. And better to bring back actually DAYS actors, who can actually ACT, and who have fans than keep on people like the Hernandezes or Dan, or Chloe -- yeah Nadia is pretty and has a great body, but that is the problem with DAYS it is all about hot bodies and to heck with talent. If they cut dead weight and hire for talent and write even a little better the ratings will rise.

    There are talks that NBC might take either AMC or OLTL or both, it would be interesting if it does, maybe Comcast actually cares, unlike GE, wouldn't that be ironic that the network which was trying to kill the genré when the others were not is the one who actually returns to promoting the genré!

  3. Well, I promised myself were Matthew to return I would return, and were I watching DAYS again I would officially register to post. So here goes!

  4. Oh gawd ! Here we go again with the same old jack and jenn storyline. Every few years jenn comes back from Africa or some far of land with out jack and divorce papers in hand. Jenn rants for months how jack has changed for the worse, while defending him from othersnby saying jack is the most caring,
    Loving and funny man on earth. while trying to hook up with the current hot dude in her age bracket. ( dr. Colin Murphy, Peter Blake and now dr Jonus. ) jack show up looking for Jenn swearing he has changed and will never loose jenn again. They get back together, have a short storyline, then abruptly decide to leave town for Africa or England.

  5. But Matthew can act, which is not true for many on the show. And even with a fair storyline he blows people away.

  6. Matt doesn't just act.. He is the master of the ad lib and loves his fans. And at 51, he is still a hottie... A few shower scenes please... Can't wait for the WTF expression on Daniel's face, because you know Jen will turn to goo - Daniel said it before himself.. He is no Jack Deveraux... Yummy in a tux or a towel.

  7. What people liked to call witty between Jack and Jennifer was really childish and quirky. Jennifer and Daniel were on a roll; they were funny and they had chemistry, the good kind that you try to fight off but eventually can't help yourself. And their storyline with the divorces and the heart and how badly each had been hurt, and their daughters, had LOADS of possibility. But ever since writers decided to bring back Jack, their relationship has turned shallow and awkward. Two very good characters who need what each other has to offer could have made a new SUPERCOUPLE. Just like Bo and Carly, who were WAY more interesting than Bo and Hope. Just because it worked 10 or 20 years ago doesn't mean it works today!!