Thursday, May 19, 2011

Higley fired, thank God!


According to Soap Opera Network, Days of Our Lives headwriter, Dena Higley has been fired.

All you fans out there, seriously start tweeting, calling, and facebooking for Days of our Lives to hire back Sheri Anderson as head writer before Ken Corday does something stupid and hire back James E. Reilly's ghost.

UPDATE: Corday hired two Passions writers. FOR REAL!


  1. Not sure what that means. I cannot see DAYS going all supernatural. I hope that they write more mainstream without JER in control. But if they write the past number of years was a dream I would be fine.

  2. Only to be replaced with two ex-Passions writers! This is a good news/bad news situation. Gary Tomlin needs to be fired because this is just more of his Passions agenda for Days.

  3. Queen of the NightMay 20, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    LOL Wow Diva do you have Corday pegged or what! When I heard the news of Higley being fired I thought well finally Kenny grew a pair but then he goes and does something so idiotic again and hires ex-Passions writers. Why can't Days let go of Reilly?

    The only bright spot I see is that one of the writers wrote for Days with Sheri Anderson and she is highly endorsing them so I will give them a chance. I really want Days to succeed so I am going to support these writers and hope for the best. I still say thought that Tomlin has to go. NEXT!!! LOL!

  4. When did Tomlin come to the show? I think Dena's contract was up because it was about 2008 she took over as HW. So that is three years, which I would imagine is the standard contract -- like with the actors. Maybe they have to wait for Tomlin.Though it might be costly, Corday might just want to pay him off and hire someone else. In the end spending money would save money -- because falling ratings means less ad revenue.

  5. It was late August, I think in 2008. That's when Ed Scott was let go. I doubt Tomlin is toast since he obviously had a hand in hiring 2 Passions writers. Why do we need two? How is that cost effective?