Friday, May 13, 2011

Diva's response to the (lack of) DOOL Emmy nominations


In my defense, the sun was shining the last two days so I totally forgot about the Emmy nomination announcements on Wednesday. It's been raining here for months, I will take any sunshine and sunburn I can get. Better late than never, here are my thoughts.

DOOL gets nominated for best writing. Yes I know. Seriously wtf? They need to completely revamp how this (and every) category gets submitted. Why not just forget the reels, and just let the industry decide? How can anyone tell who had the best year by looking at a few episodes? So Days of Our Lives must have one helluva clip. The other nominees are: As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, and the Young and the Restless. As I mentioned on Twitter today, the voters would probably vote for DOOL just to piss off the fans and give Dena Higley more time to ruin the show.

James Scott gets his second consecutive lead actor nomination. Good luck to James. I certainly hope he wins this time. He's up against Ricky Paull Goldin, AMC
Michael Park, World Turns,Maurice Benard, GH and Christian LeBlanc, Y&R.

The other lone acting nominee goes to Chandler Massey. Will Horton didn't do much last year, so I am not confident at all with this nomination. But hey, he has a 33.3% chance of winning. The other nominees are: Scott Clifton, B&B and Chad Duell, GH.

Let's hear your thoughts.


  1. Well, I think the only reason for any nominations is that they try to have a soap from every network and also because there are so few soaps left. DAYS definitely does not deserve a writing nod, nor any acting. A few decent days does not acting skills make.

  2. I've heard Scott Clifton is gonna win for sure. We'll see. I don't think Chandler nor James have any chance. "One Life to Live" should had gotten a nom, that's a decent show!