Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diva of DOOL celebrating Higley's firing blogtalkradio show ready for playback!


Ok. So I was slightly tipsy during this week's blogtalkradio show. But I was celebrating! lol Thanks for everyone who called in, listened live, and joined us in the chat room. It was one of our biggest podcasts ever stats-wise. Joining Anna, Birthday Girl Madeline, Marianne and I were callers savejackandjennifer, Sally, George from FirefoxNews_Online, and Angela. We discussed the firing of Dena Higley, the hiring of the ex Passions writers, Gary Tomlin, the return of Matthew Ashford, "Lost" actors pilots being picked up, and this week's Days of our Lives episodes.

Also you will learn what I found to be unacceptable wedding attire after attending my cousin's wedding today. Tube tops are not acceptable to wear at a wedding ladies!
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  1. That was a fun chat. Loved it. And George of the Jungle is a KEEPER!

  2. Queen of the NightMay 22, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    Great chat ladies. Love you all, but George was the highlight of the show. He must call in now again. The song George of the Jungle keeps running through my head.LOL! Just love a man's perspective on the soaps.

  3. Oh, I remembered after the chat. All the talk of Dena and perversion, remember she was the one her first tenure who had Echelon that whore house, and even had the stupidity that Jennifer had her wedding shower there. As if women would hold their relative's/friend's shower in a place like that.