Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ratings, DOOL back to last place again


Sorry, I've been missing most of the week. I got sick Sunday night, and I still am. It's also been a hella busy week for my family. Things will be back to normal next week.

The ratings can be found at SON.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diva of DOOL celebrating Higley's firing blogtalkradio show ready for playback!


Ok. So I was slightly tipsy during this week's blogtalkradio show. But I was celebrating! lol Thanks for everyone who called in, listened live, and joined us in the chat room. It was one of our biggest podcasts ever stats-wise. Joining Anna, Birthday Girl Madeline, Marianne and I were callers savejackandjennifer, Sally, George from FirefoxNews_Online, and Angela. We discussed the firing of Dena Higley, the hiring of the ex Passions writers, Gary Tomlin, the return of Matthew Ashford, "Lost" actors pilots being picked up, and this week's Days of our Lives episodes.

Also you will learn what I found to be unacceptable wedding attire after attending my cousin's wedding today. Tube tops are not acceptable to wear at a wedding ladies!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Diva celebrates Higley's firing on our blogtalkradio show!


Join us this Saturday at 10 pm est for our gloatfest over the firing of Days of our Lives' head writer, Dena Higley on our blogtalkradio show. We will also be discussing the new writers from Passions and the return of Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux. We encourage callers to join us in our celebration. You can also join us in the chat room to celebrate.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ratings, DOOL climbs to 4th

You can read the full ratings at Soap Opera Network. 

Thursday's driving the girls crazy tweets


Would someone please drop a house on Gary Tomlin? Seriously, we need 2 ex Passions writers to fuck with DOOL? #fail

Jenn and Dan brag about how awesome their date we didn't see was. Dannifer kiss again. Mel tells Maggie that Victor told her to come over.

Justin overhears Victor wheeling and dealing for Titan. I think Justin's been on this show almost ever day this week. woohoo!

Johnny wants to see Rafe. Brady won't let Taylor leave. He wants her to let it go what he said about EJ. She won't.

Dario talks on the phone about owning money. Maybe he can have a one night stand with Quinn and be left money. lol

Victor is not happy with Justin interrogating him. Victor starts preaching about love. Who is this guy & what happened to the real Victor?

EJ bores Johnny to death by giving him a long story about why Rafe is gone. Johnny wants to know if he's gone forever.

Brady tells Taylor about his twu wuv of Ari and her demise. And how EJ is the biggest drug dealer kingpin in Salem.

Mel's back at the bar again to harass Dario. Maggie visits Victor and thanks him for sending Mel to her.

Victor tells Maggie he's back at Titan. She congratulates him. Maggie tells Victor she adores him. awwwwwwwwww

Brady won't tell Taylor that Victor was his source about the info that EJ bought the drug business from him.

Johnny wants to know if Safe is divorcing. Johnny's afraid that EJ will leave him too.

Jennifer runs into "Scott Albright" a classmate. She introduces him to Daniel. Scott's divorced, so is she. He wants to do coffee w her.

Gabi spies on Mel/Dario. Why? I don't even want to watch.

Johnny doesn't want to wear the FBI jacket that Rafe gave him.

Jenn things that Daniel is touchy about another man talking to her because of Chloe cheating on him....

....but it's ok when Daniel is the one breaking up a marriage!

Mel bashes Dario to Abby and says Adrienne made a mistake hiring him.

Taylor wants Brady to go to the police with his EJ info. That's not how they do things in Salem! lol

With Higley the Hack gone, can we bring back @AntonyDiMera , Anna, and Lucas back now?

Daniel admits to being jealous. Wait until Jack gets back! lol

Gabi tells Dario he always drives girls he likes crazy. So does he like me then too?

Some ugly looking dude named Mike is pounding on Dario's door looking for him. I guess Dario drove him crazy too.

I don't get why Nicole and Taylor would want EJ over Brady. Brady's a catch. #cometothedivababy

The way Maggie describes Victor, I think I'm falling for him. *sigh*

Taylor comes knocking asking EJ about drug dealing and Ari's death.

Who didn't think Corday was going to fuck this up?

Ken Corday in his infinite wisdom hired two ex writers for Passions according to SON to write for Days of our Lives. As we all know, the writing on Passions was thoroughly embarrassing to the entire soap genre. With the hiring of Marlene Clark Poulter and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr., shows us that Gary Tomlin for some unknown reason still has his job. At least Poulter has written for Days before as a Script Writer: 1991 - 1993 and then as Associate Head Writer: 1993 - 1999. Thomas wrote for Passions only. Actually, there's not much information out there about him. So Corday passed up Sheri Anderson for these two? Yes of course, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but Corday really missed out on returning DOOL to its glory years.

Higley fired, thank God!


According to Soap Opera Network, Days of Our Lives headwriter, Dena Higley has been fired.

All you fans out there, seriously start tweeting, calling, and facebooking for Days of our Lives to hire back Sheri Anderson as head writer before Ken Corday does something stupid and hire back James E. Reilly's ghost.

UPDATE: Corday hired two Passions writers. FOR REAL!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's a doll named Maggie tweets


It's nice to see Hope finally interact with the Horton family. Yesterday it was Jennifer, and today it was Maggie. Here's today's tweets:

Apparently Brady is not fond of hospital board meetings. Troy is still in the hospital. Mel's in the room too.

Hope and Ciara help Maggie at her house. Maggie is donating Mickey's clothes. Quinn eavesdrops on Chloe talking to Justin about custody.

Nicole asks herself why Taylor went back to the mansion. Lexie wants to talk to Nic. She tells her she knows about the blackmail on EJ.

Taylor wants to know what Nicole has on EJ.

Troy has been declared a vegetable, and will be put into hospice care. Mel is upset that she will never know why Troy attacked her.

Lexie warns Nicole that everything will blow up in her face. Taylor is upset that EJ lied instead of telling the truth, and tries to leave.

Maggie tells Hope that Mickey would want her to be happy. Hope wants to know if Maggie is ready for love again.

Maggie thinks she'll never love again. Victor shows up at the hospital. He wants the board transcripts from Melanie.

Victor tells Melanie that Chloe moved out. Justin wants to try to get Chloe supervised partial custody of Parker.

Quinn overhears most of Chloe's troubled past. Justin wants her to continue therapy and take her meds. Justin leaves.

Lexie tells Nicole that things could go wrong and she might lose Sydney. Lexie's making sense. Taylor asks again what does Nicole know.

Hope finds out that Maggie has the hots for Victor. lol Wow is she out of the loop! Magic has been going on for over a year now.

Brady offers Victor a chunk of Titan for some information. EJ is about to confess when Nicole comes home.

Hope wants to know if Magic is serious. Ciara wants to know if Maggie will help Victor give away his old clothes.

Brady wants to know who Victor sold his drug dealing business to.

Melanie shows up at Maggie's. Hope and Ciara mysteriously disappeared.

Taylor leaves.

After hearing Chloe's history, why the hell would Quinn or any other guy be interested in her?

Quinn wants to ask Chloe out on a date. Seriously, that never happens after a one night stand. #comeon

Melanie and Maggie hug it out. Victor sells out EJ to get some control of Titan. He tells Brady that EJ bought his drug dealing business.

Nicole asks what EJaylor were talking about. Ej tells Nic that Taylor knows about the blackmail.

Chloe agrees to go out with Quinn and start fresh. Mel tells Maggie that Victor tipped her off about Chloe moving out.

Hope and Ciara are at the K-Mansion when Victor arrives. Vic gives Ciara a doll, she names it Maggie.

Nicole isn't happy that EJ discussed their marriage with Taylor. EJ tells Nicole she would go down with him for blackmail.

Brady tells Taylor that EJ killed the woman he loved.

Tuesday's Justin needs a real office tweets


Chloe wants Quinn to leave her alone. He wants another chance. Daniel walks in. Asks her if everything is ok.

Jenn's on the phone discussing her hike/picnic plans with Daniel with Hope. Justin gives Jenn her divorce papers at the Pub.

Jack never signed the divorce papers, but the divorce is final. Seriously Jenn, get a clue.

Abe asked Taylor why she moved out of the DiMansion at the hospital. She says she doesn't belong there anymore.

Nicole tries to serve EJ breakfast in their bedroom, he slams it against the wall. She's not happy.

Rafe wants to know if Sami slept with r2d2.

Jenn shows Hope her divorce papers and cries. Quinn introduces himself to Dan. Chloe asks Dan to leave.

Quinn tells Chloe he has something important to tell her. Sami admits to sleeping with R2.

Jenn can't stop thinking about where Jack is and when she will see him again. Yeah, that's what we are thinking too.

Nicole wants to know what they are going to tell Mary about the scrambled eggs in the wall. EJ tells her to clean it up herself.

Nicole tells EJ she is going to watch him from now on. Quinn wants to know why Chloe was with him the night before.

Quinn wants to help Chloe. Nicole tells EJ she won't let him turn the kids against her and brings up Rafe.

Jennifer tells Dan about her divorce. EJ says Nicole can only get what she wants because of blackmail. Taylor overhears.

Sami says she knew something was wrong with r2 in bed. But she blamed herself because of Rafe's car accident.

Rafe claims he would have known if Sami was replaced even though he didn't know who she was the day before.

on the phone, sorry.

Hope asks Daniel how he's doing. He says he's worried about Chloe. Chloe sees Justin at the Cheatin Heart.

Justin tells Chloe he has had a change of heart. Abe tells Nicole that Taylor went back to the mansion to get her stuff.

Taylor tells EJ that she knows that breaking up with her wasn't his idea. Sami feels guilty and disloyal for sleeping with r2.

Jenn shows up at Daniel's. Quinn listens in on Justin and Chloe's conversation. That's why Justin needs an office, and not a bar to do work.

Nicole asks when Taylor went back to the mansion. Taylor wants EJ to tell the truth. She wants to know what Nicole knows.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday's Wile E Coyote tweets


Pretty decent episode. Of course I say that about every Vivian episode. lol

Justin and Adrienne at the Cheatin Heart. Chloe wants to talk to Justin. Justin swindles Chloe out of a $1 to keep something confidential.

Melanie covers up when Daniel comes home. He asks how Dario got his babe magnet futon up the stairs. #nosexonthefuton

Mel and Dario meet in the hallway. Vivian says Stefano keeping prisoners is in the basement is very inspirational. Love Vivian!

Gus tells Vivian that maybe Stefano keeps Kate around because he loves her. Stefano finds out that r2d2 didn't access his bank card.

Kate walks in on Stefano talking to himself. She guesses something is wrong. Rafe peeps at Sami putting her shirt on. She catches him.

Vivian accuses Gus of being jealous of her plan to seduce Stefano. She says she is not going to seduce him but outsmart him.

Sami is convinced that Rafe will get his memory back quickly. Mel tells Abby at the hospital that Dario is a jerk, Dan says Dario likes Mel.

Chloe tells Justin about her Parker nightmare. She wants Justin to find out if Parker is ok.

Kate decides not to ask what is wrong with Stefano. She leaves for a meeting. Stefano calls a flunkie to discuss Rafe.

Dario goes to work. Adrienne spies on Justin and Chloe. Justin refuses to help Chloe find out how Parker is doing.

Adrienne takes Justin to go see their accountant. Apparently getting remarried is complicated. lol

Vivian shows up at the DiMansion. Stefano isn't happy to see her. She says she has an offer he can't refuse.

Daniel asks Mel why she doesn't like Dario. Apparently he forgot Dario accused Mel of golddigging against Daniel.

Kinsey kisses Chloe's butt. Chloe leaves the bar. Kinsey bashes her. Quinn shows up. Chloe asks why he left her money.

Chloe's "not that kind of person." No she's the type who has sex with a guy without giving her name first.

Kinsey tries to buy a drink underage. Dario won't do it. Kinsey leaves her purse. Melanie catches him going through the purse.

Rafe2 starts banging around. Vivian offers knowledge to Stefano to bring down Titan.

Vivian tells Stefano that Titan invested in risky investments. Viv wanted to back them until Brady took over Titan.

Kate walks in on Vivian and Stefano toasting. Adrienne asks Justin why he won't update Chloe on Parker's well being.

Justin calls Philip a "world class jerk." Chloe walks in on Justin and Adrienne. They ask if she's ok.

Rafe ungags his doppelganger. Rafe gives Sami the gun, and he pretends to leave the apartment. Sami threatens to shoot r2d2.

Sami tells r2 that Rafe is getting his memory back. Sami wants to know his name. r2 tells Sami that EJ and Stefano schooled him on her.

omg Sami tells r2 that he's the type that kicks puppies. lmfao

r2 said his job wasn't so bad when she wasn't acting like a total bitch. lol

Quinn is following Chloe who is putting up posters for singing coach jobs. Quinn wants to make it up to her for insulting her.

Kate calls Vivian "an old crone sucking up to my husband." Viv leaves. Kate wants to know if Stefano accepted Vivian's proposal.

r2 rubs it in to Rafe that he had sex with Sami. And he lies and says that he's better in bed than Rafe. lol

Stefano says he's amused by Vivian. Kate does not want her around. Viv brags to Gus that she's planting seeds of doubt with Kate.

Gus calls Vivian "Wile E. Coyote." lol

Melanie continues to annoy Dario at the bar. If he bothers her so much why is she practically stalking him?

Chloe tells Quinn that she gave the money he gave her for sex to charity. Her favorite charity of course is Chloe Lane Black Horton Jonas.

Rafe asks Sami if she slept with his doppelganger. #uhoh

Matt Ashford is back! Woohoo!


According to Matt Ashford's facebook page, Matt is coming back as Jack Deveraux at the end of the month!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Days of our Lives actor Emmy reels


James Scott's episode is "Sami shoots EJ" from September 1, 2010.

Chandler Massey's episode is Sami tells Will that Nicole has evidence that she shot EJ from November 15, 2010.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Diva's 41st podcast ready for playback!


Thanks for all our regulars in the chat room tonight. Our favorite moments this week included Magic, State, Lexie dissing EJ, and the Midol product placement.
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Diva of DOOL 41st blogtalkradio show tonight!


Tonight the Diva of Days of Our Lives and the Diva Spy Network will be discussing the last week of the show and our interview with Jennifer Brown Thomas and Leann Hunley during our 41st blogtalkradio show. Also we will be discussing the lack of Emmy nominations for the show. Feel free to call in to give us your opinion at 914.338.1239 or join us in our lively chat room. To chat in our chat room, you must register first with blogtalkradio. If you don't register, you can only lurk in the chat room. Don't forget you can friend and follow us on blogtalkradio.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ratings, DOOL still sucking


Oh boy. Days of Our Lives is still in last place. Read it and weep.

Diva's response to the (lack of) DOOL Emmy nominations


In my defense, the sun was shining the last two days so I totally forgot about the Emmy nomination announcements on Wednesday. It's been raining here for months, I will take any sunshine and sunburn I can get. Better late than never, here are my thoughts.

DOOL gets nominated for best writing. Yes I know. Seriously wtf? They need to completely revamp how this (and every) category gets submitted. Why not just forget the reels, and just let the industry decide? How can anyone tell who had the best year by looking at a few episodes? So Days of Our Lives must have one helluva clip. The other nominees are: As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, and the Young and the Restless. As I mentioned on Twitter today, the voters would probably vote for DOOL just to piss off the fans and give Dena Higley more time to ruin the show.

James Scott gets his second consecutive lead actor nomination. Good luck to James. I certainly hope he wins this time. He's up against Ricky Paull Goldin, AMC
Michael Park, World Turns,Maurice Benard, GH and Christian LeBlanc, Y&R.

The other lone acting nominee goes to Chandler Massey. Will Horton didn't do much last year, so I am not confident at all with this nomination. But hey, he has a 33.3% chance of winning. The other nominees are: Scott Clifton, B&B and Chad Duell, GH.

Let's hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leann Hunley/Jennifer Thomas interview ready for playback!


We had a wonderful time talking to Leann and Jennifer again. You can learn more about their movie at the Blissful Lies website.

Leann tells a cute story on how Thaao Penghlis made her watch Fast 5 this past weekend. lol

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's "cock-eyed optimist" tweets


Rafe tells Sami he would never hurt her. She tells him he cheated on her. Rafe says he doesn't know her. She asks why he's sorry then.

Sami opens the door and sees the second Rafe. Nicole finds Taylor and Lexie at the Pub. Nicole hugs Taylor.

Stefano walks into the DiMansion. EJ tells him he's staying with Nicole. Ej lies and tells Stefano that Nicole is the one for him.

Stefano tells EJ that he is out of character. rotlfmaopimp

Mel tells Abby not to blame Jenn's allergy attack on Daniel coming on to her. Maxine tells Dan & Jenn to get their daughters under control

r2d2 pulls a gun on Rafe. Sami wants him to get rid of the gun. r2d2 tells Sami that Rafe is the imposter. All we need is quicksand.

r2d2 says Rafe is dangerous. Sami falls for his crap. r2d2 throws the Dimeras under the bus.

Lexie talked Taylor into staying again. Taylor warns Nicole that EJ is going to hurt her. Nicole declares herself a "cock-eyed optimist."

r2d2 tells Sami that Rafe was sent to replace him since the car accident. r2d2 tells Sami that the DiMeras gave him a drug to be psycho.

r2 threatens to execute Rafe.

Chloe shows up at the Brady Pub to get some new "clientele." Just kidding.

Brady startles Chloe at the Pub. He asks her about the wad of cash from her trick the night before.

Sami refuses to let r2 shoot Rafe. She steps in front of the gun. Sami's the only one in that marriage allowed to shoot unarmed ppl.

Jenn calls Abby out on her crazy theory about Daniel. Abby apologizes for embarrassing Jenn. Abby admits she wants a J&J reunion.

Daniel tries to get Mel to calm down. Mel tries to blame it on Jenn. Mel tells him that Abby thinks he's sleazy.

Sami refers to Rafe as a "pawn." So I guess Rafe is the new John Black after first being introduced as the new Roman Brady.

r2d2 knocks Sami to the ground while Rafe attacks r2. R2 tells Rafe that Stefano and EJ thought he was dead.

Brady tells Chloe to hide her stash. She's getting her own place. Brady is blaming Chloe moving out on Magic. How much $ did Chloe make?

Stefano doesn't buy that EJ doesn't love Taylor anymore. Rafe wants medical help for unconscious Sami. Sami wakes up.

Another Rafe v Rafe fight.

Stefano leaves after telling EJ that he never has to worry about Rafe, Rafe2, and Sami again.

Jennifer wants Abby to apologize to Daniel for accusing him of being lecherous. Mel denies wanting a Darly reunion.

Melanie undenies wanting a Darly reunion. Sami pulls the gun on the fighting Rafes.

Taylor goes back to the DiMansion. Nicole talks to herself at the pier. Stefano hears Nicole thanking Rafe.

r2d2 advances on Sami, she awkwardly shoots the gun. She really needs to practice her aim. Show's over.

Don't forget our interview tonight with Leann Hunley and Jennifer Brown Thomas!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Diva of DOOL interviews Leann Hunley and Jennifer Brown Thomas!


Please join us this Tuesday, May 10th, at 10 pm est for our joint interview on our blogtalkradio show with Leann Hunley (ex-Anna DiMera) the star of the new movie "Blissful Lies" as well as the director/writer of the movie, Jennifer Brown Thomas. We ask that you wait until 10 pm to call in with questions at 914.338.1239. We will also be taking questions from our chat room.

You can also listen to our first interview with Leann and Jennifer here.

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Monday's "worst first date ever" tweets


The nun tells r2d2 that Rafe was just there with a key to some apartment. Sami has flashbacks of being pregnant with Sydney.

Rafe overhears Sami crying in their safehouse apartment. He opens the door and sees her. She asks wth is he doing there?

Carly tries to open a drug sample right there in front of everyone. Melanie startles her. Jenn can't breathe because of Dan's dinner.

Chloe accepts a drink from a stranger at the Cheatin Heart. EJ looks at a pic of Nicole and Taylor. Nicole tells EJ that Taylor is gone.

Taylor makes a call from the Pub to get a bus out of town. Rafe doesn't know Sami's name. Rafe tells her he doesn't know who he is.

Lexie finds Taylor at the Pub. Taylor doesn't want to talk to her and leaves. Melanie accuses Carly of being jealous of Jennifer.

Melanie tells Carly that she wanted her parents to reunite.

Daniel gives Jennifer an injection. It's a lot easier to molest her if she's sedated.

Daniel carries Jennifer out of his apartment. Rafe asks Sami to help him remember his past. Rafe tells her he remembers the apartment.

Abby and Melanie met. Abby thanks Melanie for helping save her mom. They discuss their parents' date. Dan shows up with Jenn.

Chloe successfully guesses that the stranger is trying to get her drunk. Sami tells Rafe they fell in love in the apartment.

Sami tells Rafe her name. Rafe asks what his name is. He finds r2d2's bank card. Sami still doesn't believe him. He learns his name is Rafe

r2d2 asks the nun where the apartment is. The nun asks why he's wearing different clothes and is missing his bruises and scrapes.

Jenn's better. Jenn's shocked to see her blotchy face. They have some cute banter while Carly overhears. Chez Rouge for them next week.

Sami packs up her purse to leave. Sami refuses to believe him. Sami brings up the accident, he doesn't remember.

Rafe tells Sami that he was locked up by someone. Rafe wants to take her to the convent. r2d2 pretends that he and Rafe are brothers.

r2d2 prevents the nun from calling the police.

Chloe refuses to tell Quinn her name, and kisses him. Yeah, I think that puts you in the slut category. #ewww

Abby grabs Maxine to get the news. Abby thinks Jenn had her reaction due to guilt than allergies. Abby blames Jack.

Wow Jack Deveraux must have superhuman powers if he can give someone an allergic reaction from half the world away.

Rafe tells Sami this all happened to him over months, not hours. He still wants to take her to the convent.

Lexie wants to know why everything is suddenly ok with EJole. Nicole blames EJ for Taylor leaving. Another EFailure kissing flashback.

Sami notices Rafe's different clothes and bruises. Rafe tells Sami he wants to make her feel better because she's sad.

Chloe discovers that Quinn is gone. He left her an envelope with a note and some cash. Dan declares their date "the worst first date ever."

Rafe shows Sami the key. Sami says that Rafe knows why she was crying. He asks if it was him. He apologizes.

Abby tells Melanie that Jack is the blame for Jenn's allergic reaction. Abby thinks Dan put the moves on Jenn, freaking her out. wtf?

Melanie tells Abby that Daniel would never put the moves on any woman. lmfao

Melanie tells Abby to shut her mouth about Mel's dad. Dan asks permission for a kiss from Jenn. They kiss. She really lays one on him.

Sami tells Rafe he cheated on her. Sami tells him she can't trust him. She opens the door and finds r2d2. Show's over.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Diva of DOOL episode 40 ready for playback!


This week we discussed the last week of Days of Our Lives. Topics included: great acting by Arianne Zucker, Alison Sweeney, and James Scott; Magic, State, Safe, Caroline, Justin and Adrienne's returning son, Will & Gabi, Chad & Abby, Daniel and Jennifer's disastrous first date, Carly, Chloe, Brady, Melanie, Dario, etc.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

DOOL remains in last place


Wow. And they lost viewers too.  You can read it all here.

DIva of Days Episode 40


The Diva of DOOL will be discussing this past weeks zzzzz shows on our blogtalkradio show. Please join us Saturday at 10PM EST and please call in and tell us your thoughts at 914-338-1239.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday's "sick and vindictive" tweets


Another amazing acting performances by Arianne Zucker and Alison Sweeney.

Caroline gets Sami some tea with "herbs" in it. Just kidding.

Sami's blaming herself for Rafe's accident and for walking away from him. Sami tells Caroline about r2d2's affair.

Sami really looks like she's been crying for days. The real Rafe wakes up, and his fever is going down. The nun is pretty.

r2d2 checks that he has all his stuff. He throws his wedding ring in the sink. Doesn't he know how much gold has appreciated? #dumb

Taylor prays to God for Nicole to be happy, but really she's praying for "all of us" to be happy. *rolls eyes*

EJ asks for a divorce. He is blaming it on her. #typicalmale

EJ is worried that they are showing a bad example for the kids with a loveless marriage. But sleeping w your sil is a good moral example.

Nicole likes things just the way you are. He brings up Brady. Nicole reminds him that she loves him. He denies she loves him.

EJ promises full visitation 4 Nicole 2 see Sydney. She asks about Johnny. He said she can see him too. Nicole asks about his feelings 4 her.

Nicole tells EJ only cares about himself. She starts roughing him around, and slapping him. #gonicole

Sami tells Caroline that she doesn't know if she wants to go on without r2d2. He's trashing their apartment.

Stefano gives Theo a big hug at the hospital with the Carvers there. The nun said that Rafe said the name "Ted" in his sleep.

Taylor is eavesdropping on EJole, then leaves. Nicole says she's confused. Nicole is trying to get him to confess to wanting Taylor.

Nicole asks EJ if there's another woman.

Sami says she may never love again. rotflmaopimp How many weddings has she had?

Taylor reunites with Theo. Theo leaves for his speech session. She tells Lexie that EJ is asking Nicole for a divorce.

EJ is denying being with another woman. Nicole says she knows who it is. She says it's Sami. He starts laughing.

Nicole reminds EJ that he forced her 2 break up w Brady. He thinks Brady will take her back. She said he won't because she screwed him over

Nicole hints around that she might know something that is going on in the house. She hands him the Rafe/DNA test. #awesome

r2d2 meets Stefano at the pier. He lost his atm card. He wants more $ from Stefano. Stefano pays up, orders new bank card.

EJ looks ill reading the DNA results. bruahahahahaha! #teamnicole

Caroline tells Sami to learn to be alright without a man. Even Sami doubts she can do that.

Sami's phone rings. r2d2's bank card falls out. Lexie thinks EJole need to split up. She endorses the EFailure relationship.

Nicole starts to call Sami about Rafe being held prisoner in the DiDungeon.

r2d2 is back at the Safe apartment looking for the bank card again. Caroline tells Sami to find time for closure.

omg Taylor thinks Nicole will be happy for her. Lexie gives her a wtf look.

EJ calls Nicole "sick and vindictive." #potmeetkettle Who had a lookalike of his ex wife's husband?

r2d2 figures out Sami has his bank card. Sami's at the pier bench w her key. The nun gives Rafe a rosary from the Convent of the Holy Cross

Nicole asks Taylor to join them. Nicole tells her that she has an announcement to make. Show's over. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's "Rafe Hernandez is an idiot." tweets


Stefano wants EJ to postpone asking for a divorce. EJ is already talking about marrying Taylor. gmafb

Nicole tells Taylor that she can't talk about it at the Cheatin Heart. Rafe conveniently shows up in a bed.

Brady offers Melanie a drink at the Cheatin Heart. He gets a call. Dario waits on Mel. Brady walks in. Nicole and Taylor at the pier.

Another EFailure kiss flashback for Nicole. Taylor wants her to tell her what is going on. Nicole said, "it's EJ."

EJ wants a real family with a woman he actually loves. Stefano tells him he will suffer for the rest of us life.

r2d2 starts fingering a knife when Sami says that he's not Rafe.

Ok. We learned Dario got laid off at the docks minutes after he was hired. Man, the economy must suck in Salem.

Melanie apologizes for bringing Brady to the Cheatin Heart to Dario. She wouldn't have come if she knew he worked there. Neither would I.

Taylor wants to know if Nicole still loves EJ. Nicole says EJ will never love anyone. EJ says that Nicole will still see the kids.

lmfao Stefano said that Taylor leads EJ around by his zipper.

Marco calls Stefano. He tells Stefano that Troy is showing signs of life. He throws EJ's business relationship with Troy in his face.

r2d2 has his knife. He smirks while Sami cries.

Rafe sees a nun.

Nicole tells Taylor that EJ says one thing, then does another. Man, Taylor is so getting played.

omg. r2d2 is pulling the Ross Geller "we were on a break" excuse. Sami's not buying it either. Sami mentions the J&M conference room sex

Rafe refuses to see a doctor for his fever. Whatever.

Brady and Dario chat at the bar. Brady offers Dario help. Dario wants to part ways with him. Melanie sticks up for Brady. zzzzzzzz

Taylor goes back to the DiMansion. She tells EJ that Nicole said that her marriage was in trouble. Nicole sees Sydney at the Pub.

Sami refuses to have sex with r2d2. Tells him that she fakes it with him in bed.

Sami says she was thinking of someone else when she has sex with r2d2. I wonder who that was?

r2d2 asks Sami to take it back. She said she faked it every time. He throws her sexual past in her face. Sami said she never faked it w EJ

r2d2 calls Sami a bitch. She tries to slap him. He catches her arm. Dario apologizes to Brady and Melanie. They leave.

Taylor repeats what Nicole said about EJ to him. EJ reassures Taylor that his marriage ending is best for everyone.

Nicole leaves Sydney and Mary. Sami said Rafe used to be perfect for her. r2d2 blames her failed relationships on her need for attention.

Sami takes her purse and leaves. r2d2 says, "checkmate." Rafe tries to leave the nun. He doesn't buy she's a nun.

Dario hands Melanie her coat. She kisses his daydream. Melanie and Brady end up at the pier.

Melanie says that Brady is the only one she feels safe with. They cuddle on the pier bench.

Caroline! She hugs Sami at the Pub. The kids are upstairs with Mary. Sami tells Caroline that Safe2 is over. Another hug.

The nun thinks whatever happened to Rafe wasn't his fault. The nun figures out Rafe is Catholic. She offers to pray for him.

I just told my sons that r2d2 is still on the show as of July. They are shocked. My little one said he should have died a long time ago.

Taylor tells EJ she doesn't want to be with him because Nicole hasn't told EJ yet that things aren't working out.

Nicole shows up at the DiMansion after EJ keeps pimping Bricole.

Taylor disappears. EJ repeats to Nicole what Taylor said Nicole said. Something like that. EJ mentions divorce.

Stefano calls r2d2 and tells him to finish the job and leave Salem. r2d2 tells him that it's done.

Caroline tells Sami that "Rafe Hernandez is an idiot." Sami has real Rafe flashbacks. Rafe looks at the key again.

Monday's DOOL episode full of kick ass acting tweets


Terrific acting performances on Monday's episode by Arianne Zucker and Alison Sweeney.  The show starts slowly, but it's worth it to see these women.

Sami asks r2d2 is there was something she needs to know. Sami noticed his clothes were missing. Sami accuses him of moving out.

Stefano examines Rafe's mental hospital room. Stefano is not a happy camper. The doc wants him to let it go. Oh, I'm sure that'll happen.

Rafe's in the woods. His key is on the ground. Nicole shows up at the DiMansion. Has an EFailure kissing flash back.

r2d2 insists he was coming back eventually, not moving out. Sami thinks that r2d2 is trying to push her away to save her.

Sami still wants to save the marriage. Ej wants to discuss something alone with Nicole. Nicole wants Taylor to stay.

Abby walks in on the Salem High gang studying at the Brady Pub when Chad walks in. Stefano says there's no proof that Rafe is dead.
Rafe notices his key is missing. So far this eppy is a snoozer.

r2d2 and Sami discuss starting over. Sami was impressed with r2 finding the kids. Safe2 kisses. Sami wants to check on the kids.

Nicole wants to talk about where Taylor is going to live. Nicole pulls her con by saying she knows they don't like each other. lol

Taylor wants Nicole to stop praising her.

r2d2 wants sex. Sami is trying to distract him. r2d2 calls Dario. The episode just went from bad to worse.

Chad bashes Abby by saying she knows what's best for everyone. Stefano wants Rafe's body. Stefano wants the hospital staff to disappear.

r2d2 is drinking a beer. Sami volunteers to do the laundry. Dario shows up. Nicole asks Taylor what is wrong.

Nicole gets a call. I'm assuming it's the DNA results.

Nichole says it's Chloe. Nicole tells EJ that "when the man that you love dumps you, you need to count on your friends." Great job by Ari

Chabby argue about his hospital internship. He thinks this is about Stefano.

Taylor doesn't want EJ to file for divorce now. That organ music in the background is super annoying. Stefano's home.

Stefano announces to EFailure that the kids were found safe. Stefano asks EJ if he told Nicole about the divorce.

Stefano tells EJ that r2d2 found the kids. He warns EJ that Nicole knows where the knives are. lol

Nicole gets it confirmed that Rafe was the prisoner. Her flunkie matched his DNA to his donated blood he gave when Ari was dying.

r2d2 tells Dario outside his apartment door that he's going to try to work it out with Sami. He wants Dario to keep his affair secret.

Kinsey tells Gabi her family problems. Her father is declaring bankruptcy. Kind of hard to tell your kid that over the phone.

Will doesn't know that Sami is home. T suggests that Will takes Gabi to the Safe apartment for sex.

Abby questions Chad on how he's going to pay for college since the internship doesn't pay much, and he won't take money from Stefano.

Abby is afraid that the DiMeras will turn on Chad. Stefano isn't happy that r2d2 is still in town and hasn't contacted him.
Stefano tells EJ that Rafe's body hasn't been found. Wouldn't it be funny if they found Rafe's body with r2d2 still running around Salem?

Sami overhears Dario promise he won't tell anyone about r2d2 sleeping with a girl the night before. Taylor finds Nicole at the pier.

Taylor offers for Nicole to go with her to see Theo. Nicole leaves.

Kinsey and T leave. Chad invites Gabi back to his mom's place. lmfao She agrees.

Chad denies the DiMeras won't hurt him.

Chad plays the Jack Deveraux father of the year card on Abby. Personal Foul 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.

Chad wants to agree to disagree about Stefano. Wants to stay friends with Abby.

EJ doubts r2d2 will stay in town even if Sami comes back. r2d2 brags his hook up doesn't even live in town. Sami's disgusted.

Dario got his job at the Cheatin Heart as a bartender. Dario warns r2d2 that he has his eye on him. Sami's fuming.

Great performance by Alison Sweeney today. If looks could kill!

Nicole wants a drink at the Cheatin Heart. Taylor nags her on what's wrong. The actresses on are kicking ass today. Bravo.

Will and Gabi get some texts that they can't "study" at Sami's apartment. lol

Sami asks r2d2 if he brought a slut home and slept in their bed. So many jokes here, too little space. lol

Nicole gets her martini. Nicole tells Taylor that she's "loyal and sweet." lmfao Nicole has something to tell her that will freak her out

The episode started slowly, but improved. Great performances by Alison Sweeney and Arianne Zucker. Must watch episode.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Steve Blackwood interview


Steve Blackwood did an interview with Encore Michigan. Neat insight on the character of Bart and how Days of Our Lives operates.