Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday's "you're the master" tweets


Ok eppy. The kids get rescued. Nicole gets a clue.

Replay of Nicole finding Vivian's DNA testing of the DiMera prisoner. Stefano tells EJ that Rafe is dead, fell off a cliff.

Theo wants to leave when Bo finds the kids. Taylor tells Stefano and EJ that Leah told Bope where the kids are.

Stefano tells Kate the good news about the kids. They leave the mansion. EJ prepares to tell Taylor about his divorce.

Nicole goes back to the Cheatin Heart with Chloe. Bo tells Ciara that she was never to blame for Bope's problems. *sob*

Bo thanks Theo for staying with Ciara. r2d2 is totally annoyed. Ciara promises to never run away again. Bo calls Lexie.

Whoops. I meant Bo called Hope. Hope talks to her daughter.

Lexie calls Stefano that the kids were found. Lexie refuses to let Stefano see Theo. State's in front of the Pub.

Kate spies Chad and Abby at the Pub. Bo, the kids, and r2d2 show up at the SPD. Hope gives Ciara a hug. The kids are hungry.

Bo asks r2d2 how he found the kids. Chloe's off the wagon already. She's drinking a martini. lol Nicole fills Chloe in on Vivian's plan.

Another severe weather report. Tornado watch.

I assume I missed EJ telling Taylor about the divorce.

Chad wants to call Lexie. Kate calls him instead to tell him about Theo. Kate makes up a story that she needs him to text for her.

r2d2 lies that he had a similar runaway case as a rookie. Bo asks about his grip on Theo. r2d2 lies that he thought Theo would run away.

Nicole thinks Rafe was locked in the basement like John Black. Chloe's not buying it. Nicole thinks Rafe doesn't remember.

Nicole thinks that Rafe has a computer chip installed in his head. Chloe is so not buying this. Nicole shows her the DNA test.

Taylor tells EJ she's leaving whether or not he divorces Nicole. She doesn't want him to divorce her sister.

Stefano takes a seat with Abby, while Kate has Chad distracted at the pier. Stefano tells Abby that he wants Chad working for him.

Chad wants to know what Kate is up to. I lost my dish signal.

Nicole has a flashback of hearing (Stefano and EJ)discussing Fay knowing their secret. Nicole wonders how EJ did what he did to Rafe.

Kate tells Chad that EJ is going to ask Nicole for a divorce. Good point that EJ is asking for a divorce right after her mother died.

The Carvers get reunited with Theo. Lexie thanks r2d2. The fake Rafe is as good at finding ppl as the old Rafe.

EJ says Nicole will be fine. She'll end up with Brady. lol

Nicole tells Chloe to forget about her Rafe theory. Nicole decides to go home. EJ guesses that Taylor wishes they never met.

Oh no. EJ tells Taylor that they are "mean to be." #soapcliche

EJ tells Taylor it's wrong for them to deprive Nicole of the love EJaylor shares for each other. Taylor doesn't want him to leave the room.

Chad decides to work for Stefano. Kate tells Stefano that he's "the master." Stefano says, "did you ever doubt it?"

r2d2 doesn't want to give a statement about the kids. Real Rafe unfortunately wakes up by the side of the river.

EJaylor start kissing while Nicole watches. Show's over. Tornado warnings and all.

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