Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday's "your fights, Brady are my fights" tweets


Only one flashback today, thank goodness. Brady kisses Melanie again, and I liked it! Dumio annoys all the girls in town. Victor romantically tries to have dinner with Maggie in Paris, and she turns him down.

Another flashback! r2d2 planning to inject Fay with an air bubble. Brady is on the phone during work since #DOOL is too cheap to get a set.

Brady wants the hospital children's wing to be named after Isabella. Dumio and Mel at the Cheatin Heart. She spills her beer on him.

EJaylor discussing if Fay knew about their twu wuv. Nicole finds something in the foyer. Sami's at the hospital. Her cell rings.

How quickly do you guys think we'll get another recasted Hernandez family member?

Sami's on the phone with her g-ma. She sees r2d2 in Fay's room.

Victor tells Brady he loves him. Aww Brady plays the Isabella card. Maggie shows up at the Cheatin Heart which is odd for an ex-alcoholic.

Dumio leaves. Nicole asks Mary where she found Fay's cell. Fay's alarms go off again. Unfortunately for Fay, Lexie arrives.

Mel tells Maggie that Dumio is "creepy and annoying." Tell tiic at #DOOL that. We all agree.

Maggie tries to enlist Mel to reunite Brady and Victor. Victor calls Maggie, and tells her to come over asap. Mel calls Brady.

Nicole tells Taylor and tells her Fay never took the sedatives and she found Fay's phone on the table in the foyer. Hire her for the SPD!!

BTW....why aren't the cops investigating Fay's fall? A sober woman falls down the stairs at the DiMansion, and the SPD doesn't care?

Sami interrogates r2d2 again. Why does Sami question r2d2 visiting Fay when she was there doing the same thing? She has no right 2 B there

Maggie's not amused that Victor was such a drama queen over the phone. He wants to take her to Paris. *swoon* I'm swooning not her.

Dumio goes to the Pub to annoy Stephanie. He questions her on her Mel bashing. EJ gets mad at r2d2. False alarm on Fay's alarm.

Sami actually mentions Brandon. First time his name has come up since Fay's fall. Please bring back #mattcedeno.

Maggie turns him down. wth? Brady is at the Cheatin Heart with Mel. Still not a good place for an addict. Why do the walls look pink?

Mel likes him taking over Titan. Brady has second thoughts. Steph gets annoyed with Dumio and leaves. EJ tells r2d2 he looks shifty.

Here we go again...Sami's bitching again about r2d2 teaching Johnny how to fight. r2d2 leaves. Sami says she can handle her husband.

Victor wants to take Maggie to dinner, not live in Paris. Magic speaks French to each other, so far no french kissing.

Maggie offers to cook for Victor instead of the Paris trip. Is she nuts? I'll go. #tsabedamned

There's so much inappropriate chemistry between Melanie and Brady that I'm starting to cheer for them dispute the age difference. #Melady

"Your fights Brady, are my fights," says Melanie. Aww omg! They kissed. I'm so jealous! Fay is stable but sedated.

r2d2 and Sami continue their fight outside where they got married. After making up, he asks to leave. lol Sami's pissed.

Melanie leaves Brady at the Cheatin Heart. Taylor apologizes to unconscious Fay. Where's Abe btw? That's his baby's momma in the hospital.

r2d2 threatens Sami after she grabs him when he tries to leave. Show's over.


  1. I know a lot of people are dissing the Brady/Melanie hook up but I think it's hot.

    Yes they are good friends, sometimes the best relationships start out as friendships.

    The reason you see so little guy/girl friendships on day time soap is because in reality guy/girl friendships - true friendships - are rare.

    My gf's and i constantly discuss whether or not a guy and girl can be just friends and most of the time we come to the same conclusion... it is possible, only and only if there is no physical attraction or chemistry between the two.

    Brady and Melanie have chemistry, let them play and have some fun. I'm just a little older than Melanie's character and I’d love to be swept of my feet by a older man who is as hot as Brady. *swoooons* It's a thumps up from me!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. I would like to see them stay friends, but they do have chemistry unlike the Dario/Mel thing that is chemistry free.

    Guys and gals can be friends if they do both mutually find each other unattractive. lol It's true. If one finds the other attractive, basically it's a disaster. Their heart gets broken because the other one wants to stay friends because they don't feel that attraction.