Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday's "Rafe's buzz time" tweets


Not a bad eppy.

My screen is still refreshing. How do you get Twitter to stop doing that? It was deleting my tweets while I was composing them.

Dan wants to examine Carly's "injured" wrist. Carly's been around the hospital enough to know not to let Dan examine anything on her body.

r2d2 tells Johnny that it's "Rafe's buzz time." lmfao Johnny tells Sami that he got r2d2 a beer at 9 am. Sami gets on his ass.

r2d2 tells Sami that Fay died last night. Sami bashes him for mourning Fay. Nicole overhears Stefano and EJ discussing their Rafe secret.

Bope sex flashback. They are kissing on their porch. Sami tells r2d2 that Johnny is not his bartender. lol Nicole makes a noise.

EJ hears the noise and asks who is there. Nicole walks into the morning room.

Ciara's ready to leave. Hope tells Ciara that they need to talk. Theo's there. Door bell rings. Hope leaves them in the living room...

...Ciara thinks they are going to tell her they are divorcing. She wants to run away with Theo now.

Carly gets upset when Dan says "we" were worried about you. She thinks he means Mel, Jenn says it's her. She blows Daniel off.

Nicole says she was just dealing with Fay's funeral. They actually seem to buy her lie. Stefano leaves.

EJ asks if she's still thinking about Fay's last words. She said she is.

Alison just did "the more you know" psa about fried foods. I didn't know NBC still did those.

Nicole asks EJ to come to the funeral in Chicago. Why is it in Chicago? I thought Fay was from Salem and then moved to Cleveland?

Bo hugs Ciara, then gets a text. He ushers the kids upstairs. Hope gets camping stuff ready. Ciara spies the backpack.

Carly's super defensive about her problems. She rips Jenn a new one. Jenn is shocked, and leaves her office which looks like Lexie's office

Dan apologizes to Jenn for Carly. Jenn moves in for a sympathy hug. EJ agrees to go to Chicago. Nicole leaves to do errands.

Sami tells r2d2 that she and kids are going to visit Eric. He asks if she wants a divorce.

Carly dry swallows some pills. This story is written well. Addicts do act like that. They get nasty and defensive.

Hope said she's getting Ciara's tea set from the attic. Ciara tells Bo that Hope is driving her to school. Carly feels guilty.

Carly apologizes to Jenn and Dan. Sami denies wanting a divorce. She wants time apart. She gives r2d2 Eric's number, he doesn't care.

Here's a trivia question: how many of Sami's weddings has Eric attended? I don't know the answer. Does anyone?

Nicole talks to herself, wants to find out what this Rafe secret is. Characters talking to themselves instead of emoting is lazy writing.

Ciara comes up with this brilliant idea to hitch a ride on the storm clean up truck with their camping backpack. This story sucks.

Carly tells her friends that her call to Nicholas is what is making her cranky. Sami shows up to the DiMansion.

Twitter deleted my tweet again.

Sami tells EJ she's taking the kids to Eric's sans r2d2. Nicole shows up at Safe's apartment.

twitter ate another tweet. My memory is so bad, I don't remember what it was.

Ej's proud of how Sami is handling the Rafe situation. He's so full of shit. lol

Nicole kisses r2d2's butt. She starts snooping for a spare key out loud while r2d2 looks for cough drops for her *cough*.

Nicole finds Eric's phone number note, asks r2d2 about it. He tells Nicole that Sami's gone. He acts broken hearted. lol

r2d2 hugs/gropes Nicole.

Dannifer discuss Carly's problems with her son. You'd think Sami would be suspicious of EJ supporting her like he is. He gloats to himself

Nicole tries to escape r2d2's hug. r2d2 is surprised that Nicole isn't gloating over his marriage problems. He thinks she's flirting.

r2d2 moves in for a kiss. End of show. Not a bad eppy.