Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's "almost seemed human" tweets


Oh no. Mel and Dario, not a good start. Philip and Parker meets with a social worker who asks where Chloe is. Chloe's calling Kate.

Stefano gets a goon to look for Theo. Stefano tells Vivian the news about 6 year old Theo being missing.

Roman tells r2d2 he can't take a leave of absence because he needs him to help find Ciara. EJole and Taylor at the funeral home.

Priest thinks Taylor is EJ's wife. #awkward

I have to give Melanie credit for hitting Dario enough to make him bleed. #yougogirl

Chloe keeps giving Kate more ammo over the phone. r2d2 learns Theo's missing too. Taylor's upset about being alone, as in without a man.

Chloe tells Kate that she will take Parker away from everyone. Really not impressed with drunken Chloe.

Vivian is suffering a stiff neck from the coffin. lmao Stefano said that for a minute she almost seemed human.

@patriciapease Welcome Patsy!

Nicole spills her guts to the priest. Ejaylor alone in the limo. EJ holds her hand. Taylor vows to stay away from him.

Dario wants Mel out of the Ari's death investigation. Troy surprises Stefano at the DiMansion. He went to prison for EJ's drug dealing.

Mel tells Dario to not tell her what to do. Good luck on that. Masked dude in Daniel's apartment. Chloe drinks a glass of water.

Chloe tells the bartender that Parker is her whole life. Kate shows up at the K-Mansion.

Taylor says something's off with the EJole marriage. yeah, you're the problem. duh.

Mel goes home. Kate plays the tape of drunken Chloe to Philip. Philip's shocked.

Vivian updates Gus. Gus had DNA analyzed of the prisoner who was in Stefano's dungeon.

Stefano finds r2d2 at the Pub. Stefano wants r2d2 to kill Troy then leave town.

r2d2 is not interested in killing Troy. Nicole tries 2 call him. Taylor asks EJ if it bothers him to cheat on Nicole, he says it bothers him

Philip replays the tape for Chloe. Mel reads a book while the electricity goes off. Nicole gets Dario on the phone.

Dario tells Nicole that r2d2 left town. Viv finds out the DiMera's DNA all over the dungeon with one DNA left unmatched.

Another Fay's fall flashback by r2d2. Ej tells Taylor he loves her. The car swerves and she ends up on top of him. Show's over.


  1. These tweets are just a lame way to fill empty space on this board.

  2. Yet you still come here to read them. BTW, we're interviewing Sheri Anderson again on Thursday.