Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's "is there an app for that?" tweets


Decent eppy with the first episode of Tamara Braun as Taylor. She did a good job. Her version of Taylor is nothing like Ava.

Ejole and nuTaylor at the DiMansion. Nicole breaks out the booze. Taylor wants to talk. Taylor threatens to move out again.

EJ wants Taylor to go. Brady says Victor is on probation. Melanie tells off Chloe, then Maggie shows up to ruin the party.

Bo gets updated by Hope and Lexie about the landscaping truck. Bo gets a call. r2d2 finds Ciara and Theo by accident.

severe weather is breaking into the show. Taylor doesn't want Nicole to drag out her moving out. Me too!

Bo tells the girls that Leah has Ciara's necklace and won't tell her where she got it. Rafe is surrounded and is on a cliff. He jumps! Yes!

Melanie is not happy that Maggie took Chloe's side. Maggie says she's worried about Mel. Maggie says Mel is like Victor.

Gus and Vivian discuss the DNA sample of the person who was imprisoned at the DiMansion. Viv wants to know if there's an app for it. lol

Nicole tells EJ that r2d2 left town. Nicole is afraid the kids will be upset with r2d2 leaving town. She's stunned EJ is happy about it.

Theo tells r2d2 that they ran away. He questions why Ciara thinks running away will make Bope happy. He's cool with keeping their secret.

Hope ID's her necklace at the SPD. Leah won't talk to Hope. r2d2 wants the kids to not squeal on him. Rafe jumped into the river.

Stefano wants to talk to EJ alone. Nicole jabs Stefano 4 not asking about her mother's funeral. EJ tells Stefano not 2 talk to Nic like that

EJ tells Stefano that Nicole is on high alert, and to stop pissing her off. EJ tells Stefano he's going to divorce Nicole.

Mel tells Maggie she tried to forgive Chloe, but Chloe keeps neglecting the baby. Maggie tells Mel she has a future, but Chloe doesn't.

Melanie's upset her relationship with Maggie is ruined because of Chloe. Maggie tells her she'll always be there for her. Mel doesn't buy it

Nicole and Chloe meet up at the Cheatin Heart. Chloe tells Nicole that Philip left with Parker. Theo tells r2d2 he can't lie for him.

Leah knows all about Hope's criminal past. She says no wonder Ciara ran away. lol Taylor is at Hope's with Lexie.

Taylor tells Lexie she hurt her ankle in a car accident with EJ. Taylor doesn't want to talk about EJ. Taylor said nothing happened.

Stefano doesn't buy that EJ's marital problems are Nicole's fault. He blames it on Taylor. Tells EJ he's out of his mind.

Mel tells Brady that Maggie chose Chloe over her, accused her of being like Victor.

Lexie tells Taylor that EJ will follow her if she runs away. Totally true.

Stefano asks EJ for him to think with his brain. lmfao

Stefano tells EJ that EJ wants Taylor because she's playing hard to get.

Bo tries to bribe Leah into cooperating. Then he threatens her. That's our Bo.

Leah decides to cooperate with Bo. Ciara is trying to talk Theo into lying.

Mel asks if Brady is on Chloe's side too. Victor finds Maggie outside the Pub. He thanks her.

Nicole tells Chloe that she thinks EJ had something to do with Rafe's accident. She tells Chloe that Rafe left town.

Stefano gets a call. Leah tells Bope she gave the kids some food. She tells them they headed for the woods.

Theo refuses to cover for r2d2.

Figures, weather update the last few minutes of the show.

Victor tells Maggie to be careful around Chloe. Maggie says she's tough. Victor walks off. Theo wants to leave, r2d2 grabs him.

Bo seems to have found the kids with r2d2. Vivian plans to seduce Stefano. Nicole overhears and sees the paper she threw away.

Nicole flashbacks to asking EJ about the "playroom" in the basement. Nicole wonders what he's up to. Stefano finds out about the escape.

The doctor tells Stefano that Rafe died. Nicole reads the DNA/prisoner paper of Vivian's. End of show. Thanks for reading without stalking.

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