Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's everyone's angry tweets


I have no idea why, but today's episode was filled with nothing but people fighting with each other. If you didn't see it yet, you can safely miss it. Nothing happened.

How many flashbacks will we get today? Anyone want to bet? Holy crap, there's a flashback right now!

Dumio is harassing Melanie on her "break up" with Brady at the Java Cafe. So far this episode is royally going to suck.

Phil escorts a social services woman out of the K-Mansion while Chloe listens. Carly & Dan tell the Walker Sisters that Fay wasn't sedated.

Sami nags r2d2 that Fay isn't dead yet. ANOTHER FLASHBACK. r2d2 wants to know if Fay is talking. Now Sami yells at him for caring!

Fay's vitals take a nose dive. Chloe thinks Phil is playing her. Sami accuses r2d2 of hoping Fay doesn't make it. Sami bashes Nicole again

Fay gets a cold blue. EJ tries to wake her up.

Chloe keeps yelling at Phil. Phil tells her that she told the social worker that Chloe's doing better. He wants joint custody.

Someone named Amy comes up and introduces herself to Dario. Dario hands her money and asks what that will buy him. I would guess a jail cell

r2d2 finally figures out he can't do anything to satisfy Sami. He's one step ahead of EJ that's for sure. r2d2 talks to himself about Fay.

Dan tells the girls that Fay is stablized. The sisters go to see her. Chloe says she might not want joint custody.

Amy leaves saying she hopes she can give Dumio what he wants. Mel was eavesdropping the entire time. Amy's a private investigator.

Caroline's watching the kids again. Sami doesn't want them. Lexie is in Fay's room. You know what that means, Fay's gonna die.

Nicole reminds Taylor she had a secret to spill. EJ admits to Lexie that he terrified Fay into freaking out. r2d2 has got his beer.

Darly wait for their daughter to show up at the Pub. Wasn't Carly supposed to have dinner at Jenn's on Monday's eppy?

Dan's on Carly's ass. Everyone's angry today. Melanie shows up at the Pub. r2d2 takes some clothes for his stake out.

Sami offers to pray for Fay with r2d2. Usually Sami only prays when her kids are in health trouble and barters with God.

Sami asks r2d2 if he loves her which he answered last week.

Lexie thinks Fay knows what's going on with EJaylor. I'd throw myself down the stairs too if I knew.

FLASHBACK number 3. Great job by @ValerieWildman of fighting with Rafe2. Very realistic.

After spending ten seconds with their mom, the Walker sisters leave. r2d2 leaves. Sami talks to herself.

Dan's mad that Mel is keeping Phil's money that he gave her. Mel puts out a reward for info on Ari's death. Dan's mad she's talking to Dumio

Caroline's over at Sami's to listen to her bitch and moan.

Chloe doesn't want joint or sole custody. wth does she want? Carly tells Dan she's made a decision.

Mel & Dumio at the Cheatin Heart playing pool on the Justin and Adrienne sex scene location. He's not impressed by Mel's reward.

Delia says she did give Fay the sedative after Nicole interrogates her. Whoever wrote today's eppy must have been totally pissed off that day.

Caroline's recommending divorce already to Sami. Sami's upset he calls her "babe." gmafb Caroline's not happy Sami didn't take her advice

r2d2 shows up at the hospital, and easily walks into Fay's room unseen. r2d2 has a syringe. Did he get it from Carly? lol

Nicole figures out Fay didn't take the sedatives. EJ tells Taylor that he thinks Fay knows about them. r2d2 wants to kill her via air bubble

Thanks for reading along. Got Dumio and Stephanie tomorrow. She must be leaving town to get away from him. lol And some Magic!

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