Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's "damn, that man is fine" tweets


Watching DOOL. Oh boy. Dumio gives r2d2 a hard time on the phone. Dan at the Java Cafe. He doesn't seem happy. Mel joins him.

Flashback of Jenn falling on Dan's crotch. Jenn got that pr job at the hospital. No nepotism there. lol She wants Maxine to chaperon her.

Stefano seems very happy considering what happened 2 Fay. He's glowing 2 Carly about Chad moving in. Carly flashes back to calling Nicholas

wtf? Why is twitter reloading and deleting my tweets?

Nicole has a nightmare of her mother telling her to find out EJ's secret. Man that was scary. Taylor regrets not being there for Fay.

r2d2 is at the DiMansion. tells EJ he needs to tell him something. Mel says there's some progress on Ari's hit and run.

EJ introduces r2d2 to Taylor. r2d2 wants to see Nicole.

I don't remember Carly and Stefano being bff's. Stefano's there for a check up. He tells Carly to take care of herself.

Lexie is questioning Carly working too much and opening up to Stefano. Lexie wants to know what's going on with her.

Maxine wants to know why Jen doesn't want to be alone with Dan. Maxine says, "damn that man is fine." lol Calls Jenn out on her crush.

Taylor goes to check on Nicole. r2d2 and EJ are bickering over his presence. r2d2 wants a bonus. Taylor comforts Nicole with her nightmare

Mel gets threatened by a thug to drop the Ari investigation. Dumio beats the perp up. Taylor tells EJ that Nicole really wants 2 talk to him

Nicole wants to leave with Taylor after she talks to EJ. Nicole asks EJ what his secret is.

Carly gets a prescription from Lexie with a refill "just in case." Mel asks Dumio if he noticed anything about her attacker.

EJ's not impressed by Fay's last words. Flashback of EJ scaring Fay. EJ's not fessing up. Nicole's not buying it.

EJ says his secrets are to protect those he loves. Stefano shows up. Stefano asks EJ what's up while the girls leave for a walk.

Maxine leaves Dannifer alone. Dan wants to talk, Jenn doesn't. He wants to talk about their chemistry. He says it's "a rebound thing."

sonofabitch Twitter deleted my last post.

Dannifer agree not to have a relationship. Dumio yells at r2d2 at the SPD for pushing off Mel's attack to another cop.

Taylor asks Nicole what EJ said about his secret. EJ is suspicious of r2d2. Stefano says it's almost over. Thank goodness!

Stefano doesn't care if Nicole learns about EJaylor. EJ thinks that Fay was talking about his other secret.

Dannifer reintroduces themselves to each other. Jenn vows to keep her distance from him. Dan says to himself he'll keep his distance.

screen refreshed again and deleted my tweets. great.

EJ is concerned that Nicole is going to figure out the r2d2 secret. Stefano thinks Fay did not figure it out, EJ thinks she did.

Carly snaps at Dan. r2d2 goes home & asks Johnny to get a beer. EJ tells Stefano that he thinks Fay knew about Rafe with Nicole overhearing

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