Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday's playing hard to get tweets


Stefano and r2d2 discussing how well r2d2 is doing. Man, I hope this storyline never ends!

Mel shows up at the KMansion to see Parker. Philip is happy to see her. What needs, is more babies on this show.

Brady at the Java Cafe being harassed by Dario. Dario's got Emmy nomination written all over him next year.

Vivian tries to recruit Nicole in her revenge against Kate. EJaylor meet in the woods 2 discuss their feelings. Supercouple baby

Dario taunts Brady about dumping Arianna. Nicole refuses to help Vivian.

Taylor says this is the last conversation about their feelings. EJ agrees. He wants to score, not talk about it. Duh.

Brady please kick Dumio's ass. Put him in a coma, then pull the plug. Dumio mentions he's going to find Ari's killer, Brady pays attention

Fay flashbacks to discovering EJaylor's affair. EJ says he admires Taylor's integrity. So he's going to manipulate her by playing hard 2 get

If both EJ and Taylor play hard to get, this could last a long long time. Good news, no single shot EJaylor baby making.

Stefano threatens r2d2 again for getting uppity with him. I love it when Stefano lays down the law.

I miss the first Parker. He was a total cutie. Mel remembers delivering him. Mel gets emotional and gives the baby back to Philip.
I'm getting hungry and I ate all my double stuff oreos yesterday.

Nicole admits she's afraid of Stefano. Viv tells her Stefano knows Viv is plotting against him. Nicole bets Stefano will win.

Nicole gives Vivian advice to leave Stefano alone or she'll be with the dead bodies at the bottom of the river.

EJ says he wants to be a better man for Taylor. Says he loved Taylor since he first met her. But not enough to divorce Nicole apparently.

Even Stefano thinks EJ is playing hard to get. r2d2 just strolls into the mansion.

Mel tells Brady she thought seeing Parker was a good idea. Mel says she's not civilized enough to be "Aunt Melanie". Join the club honey

Dumio meets Justin on the pier. He tries to give Justin retainer money. He got it by stealing and selling retainers. lol

Phil runs into Justin after Dumio leaves. Viv finds Gus in the woods. Gus has no new info, yet Fay's got plenty. Hire Fay.
Taylor tells Lexie that EJ is going to stay away from her. Even Lexie doesn't buy it. "EJ really doesn't want to hurt me."

EJ warns r2d2 to stfu in the DiMansion. Stefano admits to sedating Fay, sending the servants home. r2d2 brags about sleeping on the couch.

r2d2 and EJ start fighting. Ej says r2d2 wants praise. r2d2 wants EJ to do his part. No shirtless fighting yet.

Gus says he befriended someone at the DiMansion. "Mary?" says Viv. Gus says he has limits. lol

Gus figures out the code 2 the security system.The DiMansion has a security system? Since when? Just open the front door like everyone else

Mel cries over Parker. Brady comforts her. Lexie offers to have Taylor move back in. Taylor refuses. Taylor thinks of confessing.

Nicole finds out Marco took Johnny to the shooting range. Man, is Sami going to have a cow. I predict Marco will soon lose his balls to Sami

Damn, Stefano breaks up the fight between EJ/r2d2. Stefano tells r2d2 to suggest a break from Sami. She gets to keep his balls though.

Someone sees EJ and r2d2 shaking hands.

Dumio overhears Justin and Phil discussing his divorce. Mel gets $5 million. I'll marry and divorce Phil for a lot less than that.

Kate Mansi
by DivaofDOOL
I'm sad to say but "chabby" is over because of irreconcilable differences... It was a good run @

Nicole meets with Taylor at the Pub. Taylor wants to confess. Ej/r2d2 shake on it. Stefano passes out the liquor.

Fay overhears the whole Rafe plot. You know what that means. Show's over. Live tweets at 3 pm est today.

Casey Deidrick
by DivaofDOOL
Lol im over it RT @: I'm sad to say but "chabby" is over because of irreconcilable differences... It was a good run @

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