Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's "I have a few of those." tweets

Today's eppy was ok. I'm looking forward to Nicole's revenge.

EJ starts kissing Taylor while Nicole watches. Chloe's gets her divorce papers. Justin shows up offering his help.

Chloe wants her husband and son back. Daniel leaves Melanie a message about his divorce. He got new locks on his door.

Carly flashes back to her drug taking. Melanie tells her last night was bad for her. I guess I missed it that Dario lost his job.

Gabi teases Dario on who is keeping him in Salem. Poor Nicole. Great job by Ari, she looks like she's going to throw up.

Nicole grabs a letter opener. I'm having a Marlena flashback right now. Remember her dream of stabbing John?

Jenn shows up at Daniel's place. He fills her in on Mel's attacker. Daniel serves her tea. Jenn flashes back to Daniel kissing Carly.

I have to mention Michael Scott. Man, I'm going to miss Steve Carell on The Office. *tears*

Jenn spies Daniel's divorce papers. Carly said she didn't check her messages. Mel says she looks tired. She asks if she's ok.

Taylor hears something in the foyer.

Justin wants to know Chloe's future plans. Chloe tells him she's living with Maggie. Chloe's done with Justin nagging her about money.

Jenn tells Daniel she saw him with Carly kissing. Daniel said it wasn't serious kissing, and Carly kissed him, but he did not kiss her.

Daniel wants to know if Jenn's jealous. Carly apologizes for not being there for Melanie. I like Carly's ponytail. Cute.

Gabi fills Will in on Dario staying in town. EJ tells Taylor that no one is there. Nicole leaves the DiMansion. Taylor's still paranoid.

Adrienne tells Carly she looks tired. Carly tells her she's in big trouble. Jenn wants to know why Daniel thinks Carly is losing it.

Daniel is rambling on and on about what he thinks Jennifer's feelings are. She gets a call. Melanie's at the door.

Melanie tells Daniel that Philip took Parker. EJ threatens to call Nicole. He will tell her everything. Nicole is at the pier.

Nicole answers the phone.

Dario says that Sami is better off without Rafe. I actually agree with something he said.

Daniel insists that Parker is not his son. He seems more upset with Parker leaving town than Chloe.

Daniel says he's fine. Jenn doesn't agree. Justin orders a cheeseburger for Chloe. She's not impressed. Justin hopes Philip returns.

Chloe makes a scene, and pitches the cheeseburger. A guy asks if Chloe wants another burger. He thinks Justin was her ex.

He asks if Justin was an ex husband. Chloe says, "I have a few of those." lol He asks her out.

Nicole tells EJ the cell call is breaking up, and hangs up on him. Taylor wants him to not call her back. Nicole cries on the pier bench.

Fay visits Nicole to console her. Nicole thinks that she's a fool for not knowing about Taylor and EJ.

Chloe's not interested in dating while single. She's only interested in dating when she's married. lol

Justin comes back to offer his help to Chloe. She wants him to leave. He leaves. Adrienne talks to Carly about depression.

Daniel feels bad for Chloe losing Parker. He thanks Jenn for being there for him. Daniel says he's not doing that, whatever that is.

Dario and Melanie run into each other outside the Pub. Mel doesn't want things tense between them. He wants to start fresh too.

Dario asks Melanie out. She doesn't want to date. He brings up her kissing Brady. EJ and Taylor have a picnic with champagne.

EJ says he'll be generous with Nicole during their divorce. Man, the rich guys on this show don't seem to mind alimony.

Ghost Fay leaves. Nicole looks at the DNA prisoner paper again.

Dario tells Melanie that he's happy for her and Brady. She leaves. Carly and Adrienne hug it out. Carly starts crying.

Carly takes out a pic of Daniel and Melanie. She looks fondly at Daniel. Daniel insists he is not coming on to Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he's a "hot mess." Jenn tells him that she likes him that way, a lot. So much for good dialogue.

EJ again tells Taylor he has never felt this way about anyone but her. They kiss again. Nicole has her own flunkie check Rafe's DNA.

Nicole gives her flunkie some money. Fay comes back. She's happy that Nicole is taking care of herself.

Nicole doesn't think her happiness is in the cards. Adrienne and Justin's bliss is ruined by Dario who wants to be a bartender.

Carly and Melanie share a moment. Jennifer kisses Daniel with her eyes open. He's shocked. They kiss again, eyes closed this time.

I don't get Taylor. She keeps kissing EJ, but doesn't want him to tell Nicole he's going to divorce her.

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