Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's "EJ, secret" tweets


Seems odd that Chad didn't seem that concerned about the blood on the floor. Talk about bad omens!

State all dressed up. Chabby at the Java Cafe. Nicole thanks EJ for being there for her. Fay wakes up with Taylor there. Another flashback

I'm assuming it's a fake out, but r2d2 is confessing all to Sami. Fay is flipping out. She doesn't want Taylor to get Lexie. Good call!

r2d2 puts Sami in a choke hold.

Chabby's fighting over him moving into the DiMansion. Chad tells Abby he likes the DiMeras after he met them. She vows not to bad mouth them

Chad asks Abby if she wants to help him move. State is such a stunning couple. Kate got Chad's room prepared.

r2d2 was just fantasizing about confessing and killing Sami. Bummer, dude. He goes back to pretending to be Rafe. Nicole thinks she's lucky

Fay tells Taylor she has to help Nikki. Kate warns Stefano that Chad might get curious at the DiMansion. Stefano's not worried. lol

Safe2 are arguing about his job. Man, they really are like a real married couple. Fay falls back unconscious. Nic tells EJ she loves him

Stefano, Chad, and Abby arrive at the mansion to see Mary scrubbing blood off the floor. Taylor is pissed that EJole are kissing.

EJ tries to talk to Taylor, and she leaves in a huff. r2d2 wants to do the stake out alone, but McCarthy wants to go too.

Sami goes home, Caroline is there. Sami starts bitching about r2d2 again. Sami tells Caroline she thinks r2d2 wanted to kill her.

Geez, stop bitching about the boxing already. Now, she's bitching about EJ getting involved. Sami admits she agrees with EJ about r2d2.

Kate gives Chabby the tour of the house. Kate looks fab. Nic talks to Fay. She thanks her mom for being there for her.

Taylor looks for Chicago apartments via her phone. McCarthy says Roman wants 2 ppl per stakeout. He looks at some papers on her desk.

Stefano wants a group hug. Aw. He's such a softie. Stefano toasts Chad. r2d2 tricks McCarthy into doing another investigation on her own.

Fay doesn't react well to Nicole singing EJ's praises. Sami doesn't buy that Rafe's accident caused his violence problems.

r2d2 easily walks into the hospital supply room where there's scrubs. Fay says, "EJ, secret." Show's over.

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