Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sheri Anderson interview ready for playback!


We would like to thank Sheri Anderson for giving us another fascinating interview. Tonight we had a wide variety of discussions. Sheri gave us some insights on book 2, "A Stirring in Salem" and some hints on book 3 that she is currently writing, "A Scandal in Salem." Sheri discussed the reasons for creating Austin Reed and Kate Roberts. A lot of fans were wondering if Jack and Jennifer are in book 2. Sheri gives us her take on Marlena, John, Isabella, Maggie and Victor, Kate and Stefano, as well as other beloved Days of Our Lives characters. If you want Sheri to come to your city to promote her books, she recommends getting in touch with Days45online on twitter and facebook. Also, Sheri mentioned that today it was announced that you can either get an e-book or kindle of the first book for free, and the second book a $1.99 for a week.

BTW, Sheri mentioned a few times that she likes my tweets during the show. You can follow me on twitter @divaofdool.

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