Friday, April 15, 2011

My thoughts on All My Children and One Life to Live's cancellations

I finally got the chance to watch the video of Brian Frons announcing the end of All My Children and One Life to Live. I was under the wrong impression that Frons personally was at AMC and delivered the news and it was broad casted live to OLTL. I did not realize it was a lame pre-recorded statement to both casts and crews. This is the rudes,t most self indulgent video I have ever seen. He spends most of the time talking about the new shows. Since he is so obsessed with ratings, apparently he does not realize that non reality, non informative soaps like the Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives consistently beat The View in their favorite demographic of 18 to 34 year old women.

The View is not very informative anyways. They have their "hot topics" section. Then the rest of the show centers around celebrity guests. They really do not do cooking segments. Occasionally they do make overs. But what is the point of doing two more The View wannabes? I honestly cannot stand The View. The last time I watched it was when they announced the daytime Emmy nominations. They had a non "soap expert" on there who did not know what he was talking about. After the nominations were done, instead of commenting on the nominees, Whoopi Goldberg goes on a rant about high fructose corn syrup. I am not interested in watching two more shows bashing high fructose corn syrup. I think the whole daytime talk show genre is dying too. Oprah's ratings are down. Several new talk shows died after a year. Oprah's network's ratings are awful. We do not need more daytime talk shows.

What about prime time? I only watch Desperate Housewives on ABC prime time. That is it. Prime time numbers are down with only NFL football doing well in the ratings. And, there are soapy prime time shows that do well. The genre is not dead. Why not move AMC or OLTL to prime time with a one hour episode a week or run them every night in the summer instead of reruns? Why not improve the sets and make them look more like prime time sets? God forbid they get new writers instead of recycling known soap killers. Get an authentic prime time writer who knows the history of the soap. Think outside the box. The soaps used to do nightly miniseries or special one hour episodes at night that were well received. Why not give that a try before killing a long running show with a viewership that's better than most cable shows?

Apparently no one told Brian Frons that "Dallas" is making a come back too. I seriously doubt JR Ewing will be bashing high fructose corn syrup.

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  1. The feeling is he only cares about GH, and its gangster lite stories with Sonny and Jason who from what I gather are on all the time. I watched in the early 90s and they were just beginning to take over, and bored me, I can only imagine after over 15 years.