Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday's "The Stefano DiMera Show" tweets


State joins the Carvers at the hospital. Dan and Mel find drunken Chloe at the Cheatin Heart. Wabi is not happy r2d2 is leaving.

The doc tells Rafe he's getting out of the hospital.

Abe gets a call. Stefano's not happy that Theo is involved in Ciara's shenanigans. Abe leaves for the SPD. Stefano threatens Bope to Abe.

Why would Ciara run away when her parents reconcile, but not when her father was banging Carly in their house?

Ciara wakes up after she hit her head on a rock on Friday. Ciara insists that Theo not answer the phone. The battery comes dislodged.

r2d2 throws Sami under the bus by saying she left him first. Oh great. Dario walks in. #freethediva

Lexie and Stefano fight over him turning Theo being lost as the "Stefano DiMera show." I'd watch it. Better than the "Hernandez family" show

Julie! She's there for Hope.

omg! Stefano said to Lexie, "don't be a snot!"

Lexie defends Ciara to Stefano. Funny how Stefano is complaining about kidnapping since he had no problem with the idea of kidnapping Ali.

Melanie tells Daniel to get a puppy instead of babysitting Chloe.

Great. DOOL just wasted my time with Rafe being told he got promoted to do arts and crafts. Work on the #dool sets first.

Kate talks sense into Victor and Stefano to stop fighting. Lexie gets a call from Abe. Stefano leaves to make some calls. Bo shows up.

Kate makes a comment that Victor and Stefano are pulling out their phones to see who has the biggest. Anyone have it word for word?

Mel tells Chloe she's playing right into Kate's hands. Chloe calls herself a "one woman disaster area." She orders more drinks.

Theo wants to go home. Ciara says he can go. Theo wants to call his dad. Theo found the phone, but it's broken.

Mel tells Dan that the guy who killed Ari threatened her at the pier.

Even while speaking in Spanish, Dario is still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Dan and Mel bicker over Dario. Mel said r2d2 didn't care about her being attacked. Dan wants her to rescind the reward.

tech savvy Ciara can't fix her cell phone. I wish she would fix my twitter from refreshing and eating my tweets.

Bo and Victor bicker again about Victor's resources. Bo doesn't want it known that the kids are Victor and Stefano's grandchildren.

Lexie tells the grandpas that Bo is in charge. Ciara and Theo are running out of food. Chloe calls Kate, Kate hits her record button.

r2d2 tells Roman he's taking a leave of absence. Roman won't approve it. Rafe starts messing around with the art supplies.

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