Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday's flashback-o-rama tweets


Nothing but flashbacks, and Justin and Adrienne marrying off screen.

Fay gets thrown down the stairs again. Jenn answers the door for Dan at her house. She says there's something wrong with Carly.

Carly flashes back 2 stabbing herself in the thigh w/ a syringe at Java Cafe. Sami flashes back to talking to r2d2 about why she loves him.

EJ overhears Johnny telling Sami that r2d2 was going 2 make him a better fighter at the Pub. r2d2 steals Fay's necklace.

Sami's got the Salem braid today. Yes, I mean braid. Sami defends r2d2's boxing lessons to EJ. Funny how calm EJ is when he's phony.

Taylor and Nicole find Fay on the floor.

Jenn is upset that she can't get a hold of Carly. Justin and Adrienne! omg! Carly spills her coffee. Carly leaves.

Sami deflects the r2d2 questions by bashing Nicole. EJ blames r2d2's behavior on a brain injury. Sami mentions his hypoglycemia.

Taylor calls 911. r2d2 hides in Taylor's room. Thunder storm warning interrupts DOOL. I'm not complaining.

Carly sees the newspaper article of the patient of hers that died. Maxine hands Carly anti anxiety meds to give to a patient.

Why doesn't Carly see a therapist or get someone to prescribe pills for her instead of stealing?

EJ threatens to restrict Sami's custody if she doesn't get r2d2 under control. Nicole walks into Taylor's room, doesn't see r2d2.

Fay stops breathing, Taylor does chest compressions. She starts breathing again. Taylor and Nicole see the blood from her head.

Justin and Adrienne gossip about Bope and Carly. Adrienne thinks Bo abandoned Carly and lead her on. Carly gives the pills to a nurse.

Jenn falls off a stool and practically lands on Dan's crotch. Not sure how they managed that. EJ sees the blood on the floor.

Mary fills EJ in on Fay. Fay's at the hospital. Lucky for them, Carly is sober. Nicole blames herself for Fay's fall.

r2d2 made it back to Safe's apartment. Another Fay staircase flashback. Geez. We get the point, he pushed her down the stairs.

Sami comes home and startles r2d2.

Jenn apologizes because it looks like she may have fell on his crotch on purpose. Like he would mind that if it was on purpose. He's a guy.

EJ consoles Nicole at the hospital. Lucky for him he grabbed the right sister. Fay is stable. Nicole sees Fay, Taylor is left alone with EJ

Carly says Fay needs surgery. Unconscious Fay has a flashback of the conspirators. I'm not joking, she really is having a flashback.

Fay wakes up with her tube down her throat. Sami asks r2d2 is he's ok. Taylor calls Sami tells her the news, asks for Sami to take kids.

Sami tells r2d2 the news. He asks "she's not dead?" Sami jumps down his throat.

Justin wants to get married tonight. DOOL is so dumb. Soap weddings are ratings gold. Nicole starts talking to Fay.

EJ consoles Nicole. EJ is left alone with Fay. Nicole tells Taylor Fay might go into a coma. Carly disagrees that Fay fell down the stairs

Justin and Adrienne are too darned cute. He bought them plane tickets for their wedding. They leave the Cafe. Jenn notices a crooked pic

Jenn flashes back to falling on Dan's crotch. Carly tells them Fay was not sedated. Wouldn't she be bruised from the fight?

Sami accuses r2d2 of wanting Fay dead. EJ tries to wake up Fay. She doesn't react well, her monitors go off. The End. Thank goodness.

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  1. Must of been a slow day for rehearsing at the studio for the cast (like they needed it, lol!)

    It seems like storytelling on soaps are getting more and more jumpy and out of place lately than before these days. Just saying.