Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's tech savvy Ciara tweets


Live tweets during Friday's #DOOL in 17 minutes. I may be late. Have company for a few minutes.

Company finally left. Roman's at Bope's house saying kids matching Ciara and Theo's description are at the hospital. It's not them.

Ciara and Theo are having fun deer spotting at the park. Ciara gets another call. r2d2 at the pier with Stefano and EJ. He's fired.

r2d2 gets his money. And he gets a new identity. Wow. Stefano's thorough. Ej still has a bone to pick with r2d2.

Nicole hallucinates about Fay. Fay tells her that she will figure it out for herself.

Nicole says, "he finally did it. EJ got rid of Rafe." We should be so lucky.

Maggie hugs Taylor at the Pub. I bet Maggie's happy that Taylor isn't another boarder at her house. #freemaggie

EJ wants r2d2 to give the Bradys a proper goodbye. Stefano coaches r2d2 how to tell Roman about the Safe marriage being over.

EJ wants r2d2 gone before Nicole figures everything out. Nicole thinks EJ changed Rafe. She vows to see r2d2 again.

EJ and Stefano magically appear at the DiMansion ten seconds later and overhear Nicole's hallucination. Bo leaves a voice mail for Ciara.

I looked away for a few seconds. Looks like Ciara fell and hit her head.

Kate bashes Chloe at the Cheating Heart. I have no idea why Kate is there. Love Suzanne Rogers, but she's got to dump the doily blouses.

Stefano excuses himself. "If my wife's in pain, I'm in pain," says EJ. Except when he's doing her sister.

r2d2 decides to skip town without saying goodbye. Bo thinks the clues to Ciara's disappearance are at their house.

Bope hack into Ciara's email. Aren't Ciara and Theo too young to have cell phones and email? I don't let my 9 year old use email.

r2d2 wonders if Nicole made movies with Taylor. #thatssowrong.

Kate and Chloe argue on who Philip worries about more. Chloe throws her martini on Kate's chest. Taylor's back at the DiMansion

Nicole wants to run errands, EJ orders her to go to the limo and board the plane. Will and Gabi show up at the Safe apartment.

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