Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday's "something came up" tweets


Better late than never. Loved the Magic scenes, rest of the show was zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Chloe's apartment hunting at the Pub, Kate saunters in. Maggie and Victor at the KMansion. They hug. Aww. Brady hugs Mel at the hospital

Dario walks over being a jealous dick to Mel. r2d2 calls his mechanic at the Cheating Heart. He gets a call from Dario.

Another Fay falling down the stairs flashback. Rafe enjoys his dye job clothes. Troy's in a coma thanks to Dario.

Rafe plans his escape from the mental ward.

Kate and Chloe blame each other for Philip leaving town with the baby. Chloe's not the victim, I don't feel sorry for her at all.

Victor wants to know if they are officially dating. Victor asks if they are a couple. Awwwwww.

r2d2 lies to Dario that he's out of town. Dario's frustrated by r2d2 not being interested in their sister's killer.

Chloe threatens to nail Kate on poisoning her. Kate calls her a "nutjob." Chloe needs to stop trying to outsmart Kate. She'll never win.

Daniel learns what happened to Melanie at his apartment. Brady recognizes Troy.

r2d2 runs into a slut at the Cheating Heart, and it's not Chloe. lol r2d2 calls himself "Javier", the slut's name is Alicia.

Read the May sweeps spoilers. Just when you think the show can't possibly get worse...

Chloe claims to have learned from her mistakes. lmfao Since yesterday? Kate and Chloe both leave the pub.

Maggie wants to "spend time" with Victor without the label of being a couple. She sounds like a man. lol

Wow. Maggie admits that Magic is a couple, and they kiss. Awwww.

Brady complaining on who gets let out of prison early is laughable when you think Nicole, Hope, Caroline, Dario, etc all didn't serve long.

Alicia kisses r2d2 right outside the Cheatin Heart. She's making Chloe look like a prude. lol

Maggie admits she had a hard time of letting go of Mickey. Maggie forgets that Mickey found Bonnie quickly when she "died."

Kate walks in on the Magic love fest. Victor's not happy to see her. Brady doesn't understand why r2d2 isn't interested in Troy.

Daniel thanks Brady for being protective of Melanie. Mel wants Dario to back off on Brady. Dario says Brady broke Ari's heart.

r2d2 and Alicia go back to Safe's place. She sees his family photo. He lies and says Sami is his sister. lol

Rick the new guy thinks Rafe works at the mental hospital.

Maggie leaves because of Kate. Philip already has an apartment in Chicago. Victor and Kate drink to not hearing from Chloe again.

Chloe's back at the pier. Maggie finds her. Dammit!!! Let her jump.

Maggie takes home another stray. Chloe's going to stay with her. Dario wants Mel to stay away from Brady.

Why would Melanie cry to Dario if it goes to hell with Brady? They aren't friends.

Daniel wants a talk with Dario. Dare we hope Daniel punches him again?

Brady tells Melanie that Philip left town with Parker. Brady offers for her to move in with him back at the mansion.

r2d2 gets a phone call about his car. Alicia keeps kissing his shoulders.

Kate asks Victor if he blames her for Philip leaving. Victor says whomever friends Chloe is an enemy of his.

If Chloe breaks up Magic, man I will be so pissed.

Unfortunately, Daniel doesn't punch out Dario. Brady takes Mel back to the mansion. Dario's jealous.

Gross. r2d2 tells the mechanic he'll pick the car up later because "something came up." TMI!

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