Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's I wanna be sedated tweets


I had company. Ciara and Theo have been found.

Chloe chases off Melanie. Brady asks about Parker.

Chloe tells Brady it's not classy of him to go after Philip's wife, so says the woman who cheated on her last two husbands.

Taylor tells Nicole she's the one who is going to get hurt. Stefano, r2d2, and EJ look for the eavesdropper.

EJ wants r2d2 gone when everything is over. Fay overhears that too. She wonders if Nicole knows about all of this.

Future perps, Ciara and Theo are taken to the SPD. They were trying to climb fences. They got dared into it.

Good for Brady for throwing Chloe's past in her face. Brady accuses Chloe to sharing a mattress with Philip.

Mel bashes Dumio for drinking an energy boosting drink on the pier. I need some to keep awake during this show.

r2d2 stops Fay from talking to Nicole on the phone. Taylor wusses out on telling Nicole the truth.

Chloe denies sleeping with Phil. Chloe learns her lesson with her Brady bashing. Brady denies still loving Nicole.

Chloe tells Brady that wherever Melanie goes, trouble follows. Funny same thing happens with her. #potmeetkettle

@andredimera is following me. Should I be concerned?

r2d2 taunts Fay by saying he's seen Nicole's films. She's like the Paris Hilton of Salem.


Theo thinks he's going to jail. That won't happen until he's soras'ed. Don't worry.

Bo chastises Hope on her parenting skills. Dumio wants to start over with Melanie and her future $5 million dollars.

EJ is shown a clip of the real Rafe in a sanitarium. Holy Hell. r2d2 just pulled an April Fools on Fay. She runs from him. Go Fay!

Bo wants to ground Ciara from a roller skating party. #whatameanie

Ciara again is planning on running away. #justdoitalready

Nicole tries calling back Fay. Then Taylor tries to call Fay. Stefano has another woman named Delia working for him with syringes? #uhoh

What's the chances of 2 women in Salem being on sedatives with no obvious signs of being sedated? #iwannabesedated

Hope wants to ban Ciara from the internet. Then who am I going to tweet with? #hopeismeanmeanmean

Brady and Melanie fake being a couple to get rid of Dumio. I want a fake relationship with Brady too with a fake kiss. #pouting

Dumio was overhearing all the fakeness of "Melady." omg...r2d2 threw Fay down the steps. The DiStaircase strikes again. Thanks for reading

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