Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's "frequent drinker miles" tweets


Pretty dull episode. Only thing new was Daniel and Jennifer agreeing to go on their first date.

EJaylor or as @kozziehooch calls them, Efailure are still on their champagne picnic. Taylor doesn't think they will work out.

Nicole is back at the Cheatin Heart while flashing back to the Efailure kiss. Nicole wants to know which secret Fay knew. Chloe overhears.

Nicole tells Chloe she is going to fight back. Carly asks Melanie to not tell Daniel that she lost track of last night.

Maxine and Melanie discuss their upcoming meeting about missing drugs. Carly overhears. Dannifer finishes their second kiss.

Daniel asks Jennifer out on a date. She has to think about it. Abby is at the Pub with Adrienne. Adrienne shows off her engagement ring.

Adrienne is looking for Jenn because of Jack. Abe and r2d2 pose for a picture for the newspaper in Bope's house.

r2d2 is still trying to leave town. Bo offered him a beer. Sami's at the door.

EJ tries to rationalize that they did not intend to hurt Nicole, like that makes it better. Taylor doesn't want to be the cause of the pain

Chloe wants "frequent drinker miles" at the Cheatin Heart since she & Nicole are there so often. Nicole feels dumb asking for Taylor to stay

Bo and Abe leave Safe2 alone. Roman told Sami something else also.

Adrienne tells Abby that she emailed Jack about the latest happenings. Jack sent her a haiku about sunsets. Sure that sounds normal.

Melanie tells Carly who would be dumb enough to steal drugs with all the procedures they have in place. lol

Sami tells r2d2 that Roman told her that he wanted a leave of absence to leave town for good. He denies it. He just wanted to clear his head

r2d2 calls Rafe "PA Rafe" pre-accident Rafe. Sami wants to go home and talk about it. Theo wants r2d2 to leave.

Dannifer keep negotiating their first date. Melanie and Carly overhear their date plans. Carly looks like she's constipated.

Nicole finally figures out that the man Taylor raved about when she first got into town was EJ. Nicole vows revenge.

EJ keeps going on about how resilient Nicole is. Lexie diffuses the Theo/r2d2 situation by taking Theo home.

r2d2 wants to talk to Theo.

Melanie opens a bottle of wine. Carly asks Jenn about their super romantic first date at a sports bar to watch baseball. wtf?

Jenn tells Carly she's ready to move on. Carly agrees. Jenn's not quite buying that Carly is really supportive of them.

r2d2 tries to get Theo and Ciara to lie for him. Theo wants to go home. The Carvers leave. Safe2 leaves.

EJ wants to tell Nicole about the divorce. Let Taylor see Nicole's reaction, then decide if she still wants to be with him.

Chloe advises Nicole to not seek revenge on EJ so as to not piss off Stefano.

Carly accuses Jenn of projecting feeling guilty over Jack by saying Carly's the one with the problem. That was cold, Carly.

Daniel tells Jenn he is looking forward to the Cubs. Ahhhh....romance is not dead in Salem. #rollseyes

Sami has already pawned off the kids on Caroline. Chloe doesn't want Nicole to blame Taylor. She thinks Taylor wanted to leave town.

Nicole refuses to feel sorry for Taylor. Nicole leaves the bar. Ej asks for Taylor to have faith in him. lmfao Why should anyone trust him?

EFailure kisses again while ending their champagne picnic.

Nicole refuses to feel sorry for Taylor. Nicole leaves the bar. Ciara tells Bope that r2d2 is mean when it's just kids around.

Jennifer overhears Abby say her dad is a jerk. Carly goes back to work. So much for the secret meeting about drugs being stolen.

A drug salesman wants to meet Lexie to give her samples, Carly offers to take them. Nicole wants the DNA test results asap.

Bo doesn't think it's odd that r2d2 doesn't like kids since his accident. Dan and Mel decide on what take out they want.

Jennifer tells Abby that she has a date with Daniel. Abby thinks he's hot. Abby's happy for her. Abby wants to help her dress for the date

Nicole strolls into the DiMansion, asks EFailure what they are up to. Sami decides to unpack instead of talking to r2d2.

r2d2 talks to himself about possibly taking care of Sami like he did Fay. Show's over.

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  1. Is it just me or is the new actress playing Taylor look older than Nicole? So much for being the younger sister I am tired of EJ not getting in trouble for anything he does. Sami and Nicole should get together and jerk him around so he knows how it feels.