Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's The Art of War tweets


Decent episode today. Great performances by Ari Zucker and James Reynolds. Bope makes love.

Bope and Ciara at the Pub with a girl who said Ciara is a "big fat liar." Viv and Carly at the Java Cafe.

Viv calls Nicholas and wishes him a happy birthday in front of Carly. r2d2 puts the scrubs on. Found a doctor's badge and everything.

Real Rafe is eating at the mental hospital reading a book, "The Art of War." Abe! He's talking to Taylor. Taylor is suspicious of the fall

Abe doesn't want Taylor to "go there" about the fall. Does everyone have memory loss in Salem? Any fall in Salem is suspicious!

r2d2 even has fake glasses. Maxine walks on him. Bope finds out Ciara gets picked on because Hope went to prison.

Ciara can still go to Doug & Julie's house. Hope blames herself for Ciara's predicament. Nicholas got a car for his birthday.

I guess I was wrong. Abe thought Taylor was blaming herself for Fay's fall. I thought he thought she was blaming the DiMeras. Whoops!

r2d2 was doing his DeNiro impression for Maxine. She's not impressed. He's get the third degree from her. He leaves.

"Maybe somebody needs to get over themselves," Maxine says about r2d2. lol Fay tries to talk, and can't breath. Lexie to the rescue.

Carly tells Viv she's going to get her son back. We hear Nick's voice finally. Nicole tells Taylor that Fay said something about EJ.

Fay's stable. Call me crazy, why doesn't Lexie refuse visitors for Fay? Tony was badgered to death by Nicole too. Rafe's doing push ups.

Half over. woohoo! Nick says Carly killed his dad in cold blood. He says she's dead to him, and hangs up. Taylor tells Lexie Fay's words

Nicole threatens Lexie to take care of Fay. Taylor leaves to do paperwork. Abe comforts Nicole. Great performance by @Ari_Zucker

Hope inks Bo's glasses are sexy. I'm shocked he's reading a book. lol Hope got a new bed for them. Good for her! Bope makes love.

"You're in good spirits. Did someone die?" says Gus to Vivian. Viv's glowing over getting Carly's goat again. Gus has good news for Vivian

Abe talks about his relationship with Brandon while Carly overhears. James Reynolds is doing an excellent job today too.

Carly is left alone with the medicine cart again. She takes some pills. r2d2 is in Fay's room. Carly goes to the supply room with the pills

Nicole and Taylor are back at the mansion. Flashback of the EJaylor make out scene. Nicole apologizes to Taylor for their childhood.

Bope in the afterglow. Ciara is looking at a map with a flashlight and her teddy bear. She's planning her escape.

Carly calls Mel hoping to hear her voice, ends up in voice mail. Nicole wants to go back to Fay. Rafe still doesn't know who he is.

R2d2 threatens Fay. The end. Have a great weekend everyone. No BTR show tomorrow.

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