Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's vegetables and protein tweets

Yep, the show was so dull that vegetables and protein were topics of conversation.

EJole and kids discussing dinosaurs at the Java Cafe. Johnny thinks Taylor is pretty. Ejaylor kissing flashback.

Braylor working at the Pub. #DOOL too lazy to put up the Titan set. Taylor asks to be fired. Dan has a proposition for Jennifer.

Stefano calls a doctor to ask about Rafe's memory. Rafe is in a mental ward. Doc says Rafe won't get better "on my watch."

Sami at the hospital with r2d2. Carly's got his test results. Carly said something's wrong with him. Nic asks EJ why he changes the subject

EJ doesn't want to talk about Taylor. Good, neither do I.

Johnny tells EJ how r2d2 taught him how to fight. Johnny thinks r2d2 is more fun than he used to be.

Dan tells Jenn 2 apply 4 the PR job at the hospital. Can U imagine how much that job pays? Does Lexie declaring alive ppl dead ring a bell?

r2d2 is hypoglycemic. Carly wants to give him anti anxiety meds. r2d2 isn't keen on that idea. Sami leaves to talk to Carly alone.

Stefano teases EJ about his early alcohol intake. EJ is not happy that Johnny likes r2d2. Stefano tells EJ about r2d2's fake seizure.

Carly leaves. Daniel is about ready to leave. I like Jenn's blouse. Jenn wants Daniel to drop by her place.

Brady wants Taylor to think of who to lay off. Nic runs into Chloe outside the Pub. She apologizes for not being there for her.

EJ wants to slow it down, Stefano wants to speed it up. EJ wants Sami to hate Rafe. EJ says r2d2 is a disaster.

Just got a storm warning interrupting the show. Oh, I'm so broken hearted. I was just riveted to my seat watching the repetitive dialogue.

r2d2 is at home and gets a call from EJ. EJ tells r2d2 that Johnny likes him. EJ threatens him. Sami brings home eggs.

Darly figures out that Jenn wants them to spend more time together. Nic introduces Taylor to the "real" Chloe. Brady is surrounded by ex's.

Nic/Chloe excuse themselves to go to Java instead. Another EJaylor kissing flashback. Stefano questions EJ on threatening r2d2.

EJ refers to Rafe as a vegetable. The vegetable coalition is threatening to sue for slander.

Rafe is being fed by hand for some reason. Days like these, you miss Dr. Rolf. Sami is making scrambled eggs for r2d2.

Sami tells r2d2 that Carly said no alcohol. Poor guy has to be married to Sami sober.

Sami slips some happy pills in r2d2's cold coffee. (He)Pours a little alcohol from his flask into his coffee.

sheriawriter Sheri Anderson
by DivaofDOOL
Heading to lunch with one of my favorite men -- the hunky, sexy, funny Bryan Dattilo. Lucky me!!

Jenn is planning on making lunch for Darly. Carly tells her to stop. I like Chloe's more natural make up.

Nic tells Chloe that her marriage is doing well. Taylor asks Brady if he still loves "her." Then she clarifies she meant Nicole. lol

Taylor tells Brady the office gossip that he's a jerk because Nicole broke his heart. Another severe weather alert interrupts the show.

Carly asks to talk to Jenn alone. Dan leaves for the kitchen. Carly tells Jenn that her and Dan aren't ready to move on yet.

Another storm warning. Ok, I get the point.

r2d2 is pretty loopy. Rafe picks his handcuffs open.

Jenn decides to take the PR job that she didn't even apply for yet. Nic is starting to think having Taylor at the mansion is a bad idea.

EJ walks in on Braylor's business lunch. Rafe finds his key again. Dr. Feelgood comes back. r2d2 talks about his "mission."

r2d2 tells Sami he has a secret. Yes!!! Kate and Vivian cake fight tomorrow. Thanks for following along.

ericmartsolf Eric Martsolf
by DivaofDOOL
AMC- not going anywhere folks. Just talked to my girl Linds. It's all good. E

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

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  1. Is it just me, or is Brady becoming really unlikable?