Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's "sacred parts of his anatomy" tweets

Lexie was the highlight of today's show. She just glows in her scenes with EJ.

EJaylor at the pier discussing scarves, another fake out fantasy by EJ. What do I have to do to get him to fantasize about The Diva?

Vic asks if Brady is having a bad day. Maggie made lasagna for Jenn and Abby. Jenn is cyberstalking Jack. He's going to India

Abby asks Will and Gabi about Chad and his baby. Chad eavesdrops. EJ calls someone. Nic and Taylor are on the phone with each other.

Vic vows to get Titan back. Taylor shows up at the DiMansion. Faye's there. EJ shows up at the hospital. Talks to Lexie.

Brady thinks he's missunderestimated. Brady thinks Vic should be proud of him. He wants his respect. Jenn compares her marriage 2 Maggie's.

Jenn says they don't have "Mickey and Maggie" type of love anymore. :-( Chad learns Abby is Will's cousin. Abby learns Johnny is his nephew.

Whoops! Abby sticks her foot in her mouth about teen pregnancy. Faye was in the hospital. EJ tries to get Taylor a job at another hospital

Will and Gabi leave to work at the Pub. Chad talks about Grace. Faye has an enlarged heart. Nic thinks she's being a drama queen.

Faye could get an irregular heartbeat. Nic says she'll get a good doc for Faye. Offers her the guest house. Nic offers Taylor to move in.

Lexie isn't fooled by EJ. Wants to know why he wants Taylor 2 take a job far away. Lexie says he has the hots for Taylor. Love Renee Jones

EJ finally admits to Lexie she's right.

Maggie thinks J&J need to talk. I already like Chabby better than Wabi. Wabi starts kissing and the closed Pub. Someone spies on them.

Lexie mentions EJ's "sacred parts of his anatomy." lmfao Lexie refuses to help him. EJ rolls his eyes.

Brady wants Vic to walk away from Titan. He wants to be named senior adviser. Brady says the company is doing just fine.

T meets Abby. Apparently there's a "what's happening in Salem" blog. It outed Chad as Stefano's son. Abby's shocked. Abby leaves.

Taylor wants to get an apartment for her and Faye. Taylor refuses to move into the mansion. Lexie's got the good lines today.

Lexie's rubbing it in that EJ is not in control of his attraction to Taylor. He's been married for one whole day.

Maggie breaks up the Kiriakis fight. Abby tells Chad she's not hanging with him because of his dad. Chad says she has no heart

Personal foul on Chad saying Abby has no heart after her mom lost hers last month. 15 yard penalty. Loss of down.

Brady leaves. Vic says "he started it" about Brady. Vic tells Maggie 2 butt out.

Taylor wants Stefano and EJ to give their permission first. Faye wants Taylor to move in.

Jenn goes back to reading Jack's blog. Jenn gets his voice mail. Vic has a good point that it's none of Maggie's business.

Gabi's earrings go missing. The dude has them at the pier. EJ shows up at the DiMansion. Nic gives EJ the news about Faye's heart.

EJ is cool with Faye living in the guest house. Nic tells him Taylor is moving in too. Magic kisses tomorrow! No more tweets this week.

This will be my last live tweet during the show this week. I'm going to be out of town the rest of the week.


  1. So we are to believe Jack knows Jennifer nearly died and does not care. And HELLO IDIOTS, you cannot just country hop, many countries need VISAS.

    And Jack going to an Ashram in India. PULEEZE. I guess he will met up with Richard Gere in Bhutan. I cannot see Jack Deveraux in India. Been there, stayed at great hotels, but you still have to watch what you eat, take pills, etc. Then is he off to Israel and study Kabal with Madonna.

  2. Didn't Maggie have two affairs one with Don Craig and then one with Neil -- the first she thought Mickey was dead. Then Mickey had sex with the gross, vulgar Whatshername. I think using them as a poster children for a good marriage is slightly off. Though Jennifer does seem to jump around with the men.

  3. I don't watch this show anymore, it is just TOO bad, the ship has seriously sailed but i came on this blog sometimes maybe because i heart Diva (don't worry i am not a mean
    But i lol at Jack's shenanigans, actually i would watch a show about Jack's adventures in maybe he could go after that in Haiti helping Sean Penn and tiger bloods Charlie
    So now Fay is totally in for living in the "House of horrors" Dimera mansion whereas Ej threatened her just last year..yeah ok..and as if we were interested in the Walker family least if Paul Mendez was again in the picture it would be less boring..sigh..

  4. Yeah, Jack's online adventures are better than the show. Shows you how dumb the Hortons are, none of them have actually heard his voice or received an email from him, but they all buy that's him on a blog. If I never heard my husband's voice in months, I would call the police, but that's just me. lol

    Yeah, Mickey and Maggie did not have a perfect marriage. That's for sure.

  5. And Jennifer who was a reporter, and trained by devious Jack, does not think to check his credit card statements? If he is flying all over the creation he would leave an electronic footprint. That is a big sign. In the area there was the story of the guy who being dumped kidnapped his girlfriend's son. The cops suspected both were dead since there was no sign of his cell phone activity nor no credit card statements.

    And how can she get a divorce? Jack would have to sign the papers? And if it is a case of abandonment I imagine she would have to wait a certain period of time for it to be abandonment.

    In a perfect world Jack, who always had a weird imagination, is forced to write the blogs, and is writing him having these out-of-character adventures to send a message to Jennifer that something is up. Jack eventually returns and is hurt that Jennifer did not find it odd that no one has spoken to him and that she does not know him enough to find the blogs odd. Return to bitter and cynical and dark Jack. And have Jennifer be in the wrong for a change -- she is many times but never called on it. Let them work back together, but let Jennifer due the pursuing that worked when they became a couple. Since that time Jack has always had to chase her, while proving to her the loser she is with is a criminal. That just made Jennifer pathetic and stupid, and fickle, and Jack came off as a pathetic walking doormat.