Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday's really bad acting tweets

Another crappy episode. Dario is so painful to watch. WTH was DOOL thinking hiring this guy?

Ejole and Taylor in the morning room. Rafe finds his key. Stefano sees it. Stefano wants all of Rafe's personal items.

Even Sami recognizes Dario. r2d2 says, "he's my brother." lol Phil gives Chloe opera tickets. Dan shows up at the Kmansion.

Finally made it back. Twitter wouldn't let me on for a few minutes.

Dario taunts Rafe 2 set him straight. Dario says it wasn't the 1st time he got arrested. Sami apologizes for Dario not being at the wedding

r2d2 calls Stefano about Dario. Sami fights with Dario. If the actor playing Dario lasts more than two months, I'll be shocked.

Mel isn't happy with how long it is taking r2d2 to take her statement. r2d2 is not a good cop, which makes him perfect for the Salem PD.

EJole argue over Taylor, and Ej's lack of attention towards Taylor. Join the club Ej!

Taylor dreams about the damn scarf. r2d2 tells Dario that Mel is pressing charges. Dario says r2d2 is different.

Chloe tells Dan she still loves him. He wants her to be happy. I assume he told her about the divorce, I missed that part.

Brady takes Mel back to Dan's. Brady doesn't want to go home. Brady says Parker is the only person there he wants to talk to.

Stefano wakes up Rafe in his sweater vest.

Chloe tells Phil that Dan is finally filing for divorce. Mel congratulates Brady on his Titan takeover. Brady and Mel like being lonely.

Mel says her time to be with Nathan has passed. Sami tells Dario about r2d2's car accident. Sami says he has head trauma.....

...Dario asks Sami, "how could you tell?" Good joke if they had a decent actor to deliver the line. Taylor gets club soda.

Nic says Brandon just called. Nic asks Taylor where EJ is. Nic offers her sleeping pills. Nic leaves. Taylor sees EJ shirtless. Lucky!

Brady tells Dan about Mel being robbed. Let's keep Mel and Brady as friends, she's too young for him. Nothing wrong with friendship.

Sami bitches to Will about r2d2's boxing lessons for Johnny. Will defends r2d2. Will knows men better than Sami. Sami likes her men wussy.

Stefano smokes his cigar. Gabi asks Dario why he didn't announce he was in town. Easier to steal that way, just my guess.

Safe2 leave the SPD. Taylor enjoys the view. Nic finds him too.

Gabi doesn't Rafe to show Dario tough love. She wants Will on her side. He agrees. There really is nothing to like about Dario.

Safe2 back at their apartment. r2d2 cracks open a beer. He takes a shower. Stefano leaves Rafe. Rafe still has his key, no memory.

Nic wants EJ to join her in bed. He'll join her later. Ej and Taylor on opposite sides of her bedroom door. Lame.

show's over, thank goodness!

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