Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's "Grizzly bears care for their young too" tweets


Pretty dull eppy. At least nuAbby can act.

Sorry, little late. Phil taunts Nate that Nate's happy about the miscarriage. Mel said she never felt alone with her baby. She feels empty

Hope shows up at Maggie's, Jenn is there. Hope's channeling Kate with her clothes. Maggie left. Jenn is still watching Parker.

Stefano asks EJ if he was curious why he left the wedding. He tells EJ about Rafe's call to Roman. Stefano wants to kill Rafe.

Abby calls Jenn. We actually see her. She reads Jenn the riot act for her cell being off. Abby's bedroom looks like flowery hell.

EJ finally figures out that the DiMera evil minions are all pretty stupid. Stefano needs to up the pay grade.

Chloe is still in the hospital with the social services guy. She asks what rights Mel would have to Parker since she's married to Philip.

For some reason, EJ doesn't want Stefano to rush killing Rafe. Stefano says EJ is going soft to impress a "good woman.".....

...women like their men hard. I'm just sayin'...

Phil asks Dan how Mel is doing. Dan says Mel blames herself for the miscarriage. Mel goes into Chloe's room. She tells Chloe the news.

Johnny! He even dresses like a DiMera. lol EJ and Johnny are off to eat pancakes. No EJole honeymoon? Chloe tells Mel she's sorry.

Mel wants Chloe to raise Parker. Chloe changed Parker's birth certificate. Parker officially becomes Parker Kiriakis. Dan signs on.

Abby shows up at Maggie's, hugs her mum. Poor Johnny has to eat pancakes at the Java Cafe, not the DiMansion. Rafe flashbacks to Safe2 sex.

@Nicholle78 DiMera men should always be hard. #dirtydiva

Stefano is back to taunt Rafe. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hope hugs Abby. Hope leaves to buy cookie mix. Hope doesn't seem happy to see Abby. Mel apologizes to Chloe for wanting Parker.

Chloe apologizes for turning Mel's life upside down. Chloe tells Mel that the social services guy didn't know if she could get Parker back.

Chloe asks Mel 2 take care of Parker. Abby asks if Jen heard from Jack. She says no. Abby calls her dad a jerk. Jen tells her not 2 do that.

Johnny tells EJ he saw Rafe outside the house. Yeah that would give me nightmares too.

@strawberrymac1 I feel like I'm watching reruns. #DOOL

Phil tells Mel to go back to bed. Maggie and Nathan at the Pub. Maggie tells Nathan Mel blames herself for the miscarriage.

Maggie wants Nathan to give Mel space, he says she's wrong. Abby is tired of Jenn covering for Jack. EJ tells Johnny he did not see Rafe.

Stefano asks Rafe if he's not the least bit relieved to be rid of Sami. Rafe isn't relieved. Give it time, Rafe. Give it time.

Abby says her mom is totally hot. Mel gets released from the hospital. Mel is going to forgive Phil too. Hope and Julie at the Java Cafe.

Hope asks Julie what she should with her life since she can't be a cop. Julie's advice: read books. Hope spies EJ with Johnny.

"Grizzly bears care for their young too," says Julie about EJ. Hope says she isn't going to be judgmental. Love Hope's new hairstyle.

Stefano shows Rafe his chess pawn. Rafe doesn't know how to play chess. Says knitting is better habit than Sami. lol

Stefano tells Rafe he is going to erase Rafe's memory. Didn't he just do that to John Black a few years ago? #bringbacktherealpawn

Julie leaves. Bo calls Hope offscreen. Bo cancels lunch. Daniel shows up at Maggie's. Dan tells Jen about Mel's miscarriage.

Dan tells Jen he signed papers that he's not Parker's father. Abby sees the Dannifer hug. Nathan refuses to give Mel space.

Mel makes up her mind about her marriage. Johnny is happy with the EJole marriage. EJ tells him he can tell him about any Nicole problems.

Johnny says he loves Rafe. Stefano takes his pawn back. It's over, thank God!


  1. What is Jennifer doing taking care of an infant? You cannot do anything strenuous after even minor surgery.

  2. Yea my dad had open heart surgery almost a month ago and he still can't pick up my 1 year old niece.

  3. I hope your dad is doing ok, Katie.