Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's "you cannot be serious" tweets



The actor playing Dario made the show more sleep inducing than usual.

Mel at the pier, Dario spies her necklace. He knocks into her and "helps" her with stain on her cute white coat.

Nic and Taylor tells Lexie at the hospital that she's moving in. Lexie says, "you cannot be serious." lol

Stefano shows EJ Rafe's medical file. His memory is erased according to the brain scan. Brady shows up at the Safe apartment.

Sami tells Brady that she doesn't trust r2d2 alone with the kids. We briefly see r2d2's mug shot pic, well he's not Andre that's for sure.

Wabi wants the disc of the guy who stole Gabi's earrings. Melanie won't let Dario slink away.

Lexie gives Taylor the evil eye. lol Lexie tells Taylor privately that moving into the DiMansion is a bad idea. EJ wants Rafe gone.

Good knock down drag out fight between Stefano and EJ. Stefano tells EJ Rafe had a seizure. Kate walks in, correctly guesses scheming.

Kate asks EJ why he wanted Ali gone. r2d2 talks about how his original identity is a criminal mastermind. McCarthy says he's a psycho. lol

Melanie "thanks" Dario for helping her. Finds her necklace in his pocket.

Kate's not satisfied with EJ's explanation. She leaves for a doc's appointment. Uncle Brady leaves Sami's apartment.

Johnny practices boxing. lol Sami tells him not to hit. Poor kid is wiping his eyes in exhaustion. Gabi calls r2d2. Caroline at the Pub.

r2d2 takes off when Caroline tells him Sami and the kids are coming. Dario refuses to admit to stealing to Mel.

Totally not impressed with Dario and the actor portraying him.

Chad visits Lexie at the hospital. Chad thinks Abe doesn't like him. Lexie says Abe is not objective about the DiFamily. lmfao Wonder why?

Nic and Taylor interrupt the EJ/Stefano smackdown. Stefano learns Taylor is moving in. Stefano says he knows what's going on.

Mel yells for police. Brady shows up.

I'm so flippin bored.

Nic plans sleep over stuff with Taylor. Taylor blows her off. Taylor tells Nic she doesn't want to take her husband away from her.

phone call.

Stefano figures out that EJ wants Rafe gone because of the Walker family moving in. Stefano wants to know if they are running a hospital...

...well since you deleted Rafe's memory with the help of doctors, I would say yes.

Caroline tattles that r2d2 was there, and he left because Sami was coming. I'm getting deja vu. Anyone else? Sami can't stand r2d2.

Mel wants to press charges against Dario.

The actress who played flight attendant Cindy Chandler on Lost is doing another commercial, OTC Allegra.

It occurred to me today that r2d2 is more like a normal real life man than Rafe ever was. Real guys do tell their kids to punch out bullies

Lexie calls EJ and tells her to kick Taylor to the curb. Kate eavesdrops. Lexie tells Kate about the Walkers moving in.

Brady gives Mel a hug at the SPD. Dario calls out Rafe. Hard to believe DOOL got another bad actor to play another boring Hernandez.

Taylor clarifies she doesn't want to take time away from Ejole. Stefano gives in to EJ, they hug it out. Awww. Rafe will be removed asap.

Brady tells Mel that she's ferocious. Gabi sees Dario before r2d2 blows his cover. Thank God that's over. I was ready for a nap.

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  1. So does Dena still secretly work for Frons and ABC? Is she still on the Mouse's payroll, but instead of writing for OLTL she is being paid to sabotage DAYS?

    At night is Tomlin bending over a Ouija Board asking JER how to run DAYS? Hence the bad couples, the broken-up favorite couples, boring families taking over, hiring sad actors for looks, and refusing either to give certain actors airtime or hiring back others?