Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's "no devices in the bedroom" tweets

Ok eppy. A few head scratchers though, why was Mel with Nathan and not Philip when she hears she miscarried Phil's baby? Why did they play music over the miscarriage news instead of dialogue? The dialogue was pretty good today, especially Brady and Taylor. So why no dialogue for Mel's miscarriage? Natalia Livingston seems more at ease with Eric Martsolf than any other actor on the show.

Another flipping flashback. Taylor thinking about EJ saying he hasn't been thinking of her. Brady walks in to Chez Rouge.

Nic bought a $600 negligee for their wedding night. Too much material. lol EJ wants it off. r2d2 molesting Stephanie with a hug.

Sami's jealous of a hug between r2d2 and Steph. Daniel takes care of Parker. Dan says Parker has a "very deep bench." Kate shows up.

Daniel slams the door in Kate's face. Mel is afraid for her baby. Sami has the dead eye look. Kate walks in anyway.

Dan threatens to get a restraining order against Kate to stay away from Parker, the kid who is not even his. #goodluckonthat

Thumbs up for the EJole bed linens. EJ has a regret. Just one? lol Brady asks Taylor about the EJole wedding.

Brady says NIc "married to the mob." Yeah, isn't that like marrying into the Kiriakis family? #potmeetkettle

Sami admits she is being judgmental towards R2d2. She's not happy he's unpredictable. r2d2 says Steph is like a sister to him. #incestisbest

r2d2 leaves. Dan brings up Kate trying to frame him for murder. Dan says he'll make sure that Mel won't let Kate near her baby.

Nate calls the hospital for Mel.

Sami asks Steph if r2d2 came on to her. EJ says no devices in the bedroom. #partypooper

Nic is on her laptop and looks at her wedding pics. Brady offers to buy a drink for Taylor and promises to be funny. #score

Taylor gets champagne for her and Brady. Toast to "Nicole, the woman who married the biggest jerk in the world."

Kate brings up that Chloe finally did to Daniel what she did to Lucas. About time someone mentioned that to him. #gokate

Maxine calls Daniel and tells him that Mel is cramping. Kate asks about Mel. Mel is admitted to the hospital. Phil offers to fly Carly.

Stefano and r2d2 at the pier. r2d2 is not a one woman man. Steph says she felt a little uncomfortable with r2d2. He hugged her too close.

Dan holds Mel as she cries. Nic opens up to EJ, emotionally I mean. #getyourmindoutofthegutter

EJ worked up an appetite. EJ says he is very happy that she is his wife. Nic leaves to get food. *flashback* of his lie to Taylor.

Taylor tells Brady that Nicole said she's in love with EJ, and will get him to love her back.

"You don't know how brutal and harsh the hospital gift shop can be," says Brady. I think Taylor works better with Brady than anyone so far.

Steph recommends to Sami that r2d2 get a check up. Sami walks in on r2d2 and Stefano laughing it up. He leaves. (I meant Stefano left.)

Mel's back from her tests. Taylor will think about Brady's job offer. EJole is done eating. Nic shows EJ pics of the kids sleeping.

True to her promise, Sami starts yelling at r2d2 when they get home. Sami calls asking for a favor.

Phil is blaming Kate if Mel loses the baby not because he and Nathan were fighting over her. Why is Nate with Mel and not Phil?

With no dialogue, Dan tells Mel that she miscarried. No one tells Phil.

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  1. And why Nicole is with Ej ? You can tell for almost all the "pairings" they pimp on this show..put out on our misery cancel this show Corday ! It is pitiful...