Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's "Something rotten in DiMera-land" tweets


Louise Sorel always makes the show for me. Today was no exception.

Dario looks for Rafe at the hospital. Mel's at work. Ciara and Theo with Bope at Alice's house. How cute is Hope's hair?

Braylor continue their work lunch. EJ eavesdrops that they have 24 hours to do a business deal.

EJ calls Titan a "dictatorship" unlike DiMera Enterprises for sure. lol r2d2 wants to tell Sami something.

EJ gets a call interrupting the impeding cock fight. Brady asks why EJ is protective of Taylor. She calls the DiMansion "depressing."

Looks like Spring has sprung at Salem. Brady Pub has flowered trees outside. Kate at the Java Cafe spies Vivian and Gus.

Viv asks Gus to get a list of Stefano's past crimes and misdemeanors. "That's a rather extensive list," says Gus.

r2d2 flashes back to beating up Rafe.

Bope looks at wedding photos, then their Fancy Face photos. Hope wants to go back to those Days. So do we. EJ calls Fay, another awful set

EJ lies to Taylor and says Fay was trying 2 call her. Mel tells Dario that r2d2 went home (with all his organs except for his balls intact.)

Loopy r2d2 confesses he loves his life with Sami. He wants to know if she's into him. Sami flashes back to drugging him.

Mel and Dario talk about Ariana. Stephanie interrupts thank goodness! EJ tells Taylor that Fay needs emotional support. She buys it.

Viv apologizes to Kate disingenuously. Viv bluffs that Stefano has a new scheme. Sami calls Carly about the pills. She spies the flask.

r2d2 is flying high on his bed, believes Sami loves the real him. He decides to tell her the truth.

cock fight continues between Brady and EJ. They are fighting over Taylor, really? EJ says Brady is still in love with Nic.

Brady says EJ wouldn't know love if it bit him on the ass. I'm willing to volunteer.

Taylor figures out EJ lied to her about Fay. Bope reminisces about not liking each other at first. Bo used to call her "little one."

Bope kisses while Ciara watches. Stephanie & Mel start sniping. Steph tells Dario that Mel is a slut. Sami looks up the drug's side effects.

Ciara overhears that Bope's problems started with her kidnapping. Fay still holds a grudge against EJ.

Viv bluffs that she knows what Stefano is up to. She mentions it's about Ali. Now, she's got Kate's attention.

r2d2 mentions Sami's ex, Sami checks her rolodex to figure out which one he's talking about. lol

Sami thinks r2d2's secret is his flask. r2d2 says that's not it.

Brady is at the hospital for no apparent reason. Mel starts dumping on him about Dario. I totally forgot Ari was Brady's ex fiancee.

Mel and Brady decide to be bff's. Steph gives the Cliff's Notes version of Mel to Dario. Taylor is pissed with EJ's lie.

Taylor changed her clothes. She figures out EJ is a liar, and wants her away from Brady.

Kate thinks Viv is bluffing, "something rotten in Dimera-land." Kate throws her coffee on Viv, they both end up in the cake. lol

r2d2 still thinks Sami loves the real him. I like r2d2 even better while on drugs and alcohol. #winning

Bope puts stuff in their car, Ciara tells Theo that Bope broke up because of her. She wants to run away. Theo wants to go too.

EJ admits to impulse control around Taylor. Viv decides to have her cake and eat it too while sampling some of the cake on her body.

r2d2 brilliantly announces "I'm me!" Well that narrows it down. Thanks for reading.

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  1. "Kate throws her coffee on Viv, they both end up in the cake."

    That was the lamest diva fight I have ever witnessed on a soap. Whoever directed it should be fired pronto.