Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's "milk mustaches" tweets

Another really dull eppy.

Mel forgives Phil. He wants to know where they go from here. They agree to meet at the Pub in an hour. Dan tells Jenn about the miscarriage

Jenn hugs Dan. Abby watches and asks who Dr. McCreepy is. Johnny gives himself a milk mustache. EJ grows one too. super cute!

Sami calls Maxine to confirm an appointment for r2d2. He overhears that she has a surprise for him. Gabi wants to go on Spring Break w Will

Abby hugs Dan. An hour later, seriously? Phelanie at the Pub. Mel says she didn't stay with Philip just because she was preggers.

EJ asks Chad to join them. Sami won't tell r2d2 her surprise.

Did you watch @laurenkoslow on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior last night? She rocked!

EJ tells Johnny that the top secret part of their meeting is over. lol Chad joins them. r2d2 hits on Sami again. Will gives Gabi a gift.

Gabi refuses Will's gift. Will's feelings are hurt. Julie talks to Nathan at the hospital. She wants him with Melanie.

Mel says she wanted Parker to erase the fact that Phloe slept together. Abby calls out Jenn on not wanting to move on.

Sami says r2d2 needs to take a physical to go back to work. *yawn* man, another dull episode.

Nathan tells Julie about Mel's miscarriage. He said he's not going to push himself on her. That's not what he said yesterday.

Julie bashes Philip. Oh c'mon, he's not that bad. Phil wants to move away. Mel reminds him of Parker.

Abby says she wishes Jack would have seen Jenn hug Daniel. Johnny is learning how to make coffee. lol Tony mention. Holy Hell.

EJ said he thought he had dealt with Tony's death until his wedding. He wanted Tony to be the best man. So do we. #bringbacktonydimera

Chad says it's his real birthday. He's a Pisces. EJ wants to make plans with him. phone call (I got a phone call.)

Sami confesses that r2d2 isn't there for a physical. He's there for an MRI. r2d2 is not happy they are going to "look at his brain." lol

Jenn tells Abby not to use her 2 hurt Jack. Jack golfs? Jenn defends Jack's love of his children. Phil says he'll make custody arrangements

Mel says love sometimes isn't enough. Chad gets a blue cupcake with a candle. Johnny says, "he's only one?" lol

Sami says she's given r2d2 time 2 get better. She begs him 2 get the MRI 4 the kids. She said his personality changed. For the better, imho

Gabi thinks Will bought her gift because she's a charity case. Parker's awake. Abby hugs her mum.

Mel doesn't want to be a mother to Parker. r2d2 calls EJ to complain about Sami. EJ tells him to take the mri. EJ will get them fixed.

Sami complains to Daniel about r2d2's personality. Sami's concerned he's got a tumor. Maybe Sami needs an mri too.

Chad asks EJ if everything is ok. He asks Uncle Chad to take Johnny home. Chad promises to take good care of Johnny.

Mel tells Phil she cannot stay married to him anymore. Phil won't give up on her. He leaves the Pub. Abby shows up at the Java Cafe.

Abby spies Chad. She "accidentally" bumps into him. Abby thinks Chad is Johnny's father. Johnny's a chick magnet. lol

Someone watches Will & Gabi kiss. r2d2 agrees to the mri. Sami's happy.

@Scarrrycheri @laurenkoslow Me too. Justine Bateman was super scary, didn't recognize Justine. Lauren makes a great lawyer

Abby asks if Chad is married to Johnny's mother. He said maybe they'll get around to it some day. lol Chad accuses Abby to being perfect.

Johnny doesn't like Abby. lol Phil goes to Maggie's to get Parker. Parker charms Jenn. Nate shows up at the Pub sees Melanie.

EJ shows up at the hospital with his cell. Daniel says that according to the mri, that r2d2 was never in an accident. Whoops!

we're done. Thanks for reading. Chad was the highlight today. He's pretty snarky.


  1. Yeah Ej Tony would have been thrilled to be your bestman at your wedding with Nicole, the woman who was mostly responsible of his death..and Chad is ok with Nicole now by the way whereas she stole his child, wanted to accuse him of rape ect..ah these writers..this show is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE i have no words..I much prefer to read Charlie Sheen's twitter at this

  2. I have to tell you I can't stand them putting Dan and Jen together . Jenifer in my oppion is just a goodie ,goodie and she is boring to watch .

    In the part about Gabi and Will . I thought it was funny that Will did not understand why she refused the earrings . Listen , she had to if she didn't then it would be like she was using him . He should have known he needed to make some sort of a commitment to her first . I also thought it was funny that when he would not tell her straight out that he loved her that she did not tell him straight out that she loved him as well .

    You did a great job .I well be back to read more .

  3. No Jack did not golf. He did have one of those putting things, but was not too good. And he definitely did not go out with the guys. Jack did not hang with the guys, he really had only Vern to talk to, and for a short time Marcus.

    Next week on DAYS: Jack mentions in his blog how he kicked a baby kangaroo ; then in two weeks Jack blogs about steal ancestral land from a group of aborigines.... and in three weeks he becomes Qaddafyi's spokesman.

  4. lol Reilly said Tony was friends with either Castro or Saddam Hussein, can't remember which.

  5. Probably Saddam remember the whole fauxGolf War in Iraqisganistan? Instead of fighting the Taliban or Saddam's people Philip fought Andre -- of course the [ ] JER had it Tony, but it was Andre -- and the then Sami/Stan parachuted in to save Philip?

    It just perplexes me that Tomlin and Dena actually think JER could write and admit to admiring him, and continue to emulate his craphole style of butchering. And Corday just lets them.

  6. It makes you wonder if KC objects to anything. I believe JER was hoping for some publicity due to backlash on the Hussein thing. There wasn't an uproar about it. Plus JER thought he could get rid of Thaao for good by making his character a terrorist. He figured everyone would hate "Tony" the terrorist.

  7. LMAO at least it was comic not so boring like the stories are right now (except maybe Chloe's ppd arc and still...) yeah Sami the new generic "heroine" was a terrorist who worked for Saddam and they want us to buy her as a poor clueless damsell in distress now...lmaooooooooooooo

  8. Not sure about now, but Corday never had an office at the NBC Studio his was someplace else -- this may have changed but as of 2004, all the interviews about return of the fired actors stated that they walked across the street to the DAYS studios to be presented as the New Cast of DAYS. I even heard way back in the 90s that he did not really watch the show, not sure if this is true, but it seems very likely.

    I am sure he tried to ruin Tony so fans stopped wanting Thaao. He did that to Matt too. And Tomlin and Dena are following suit. They killed Tony off, and now are having Jack do all these out-of-character things so fans shut up and stop demanding Matt's return and fall in love with Jennifer and Dena and Tomlin's pet Dr. Dan.

    I also think that Corday really gets no mail and thus does not know what is going on and which characters the fans hate and which actors want back.