Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taylor recast guest opinion


Livingston and Braun Recast Gamble

An Opinion

By Angela Cook

Just a few hours ago after seeing the 3/17/2011 DOOL episode, I made a personal decision to skip any remaining scenes with characters of EJ & Taylor (with Natalia Livingston in the role of Taylor). Tamara Braun’s premiere is April 26 and it cannot come too soon for me! I do not even care if they call Tamara’s character: “Taylor”, “Ava” or “Princess Leia”. To me, the character of “Taylor” could have been a good character and a good story – but it has been recklessly pasted together by writers, directors, casting agents and actors since the beginning in November 2010. Now, “Taylor” could easily be placed on a bus and/or plane with her mother in April – never to be heard from again – and it would be no harm and no foul. What has aired on the screen has been a complete throwaway from the start. (Sadly, it is a true waste of time and money for the show, actors and even viewers.)

I hope TPTB at DOOL make “Taylor/Ava” & EJ into a unique coupling and not just a substitute for EJAMI. I loved the romance and writing for EJ and Sami in the early days and even not so early years. Too much time has passed now. I think the viewers and fans were given an EJAMI “going-away” party last summer before the September shooting. I think EJAMI is gone and will not return for a very long time, if ever. For me, it would be a disservice to Alison Sweeney, James Scott and Tamara Braun to try to recreate the magic of the Sami and EJ relationship with an actress serving as a surrogate for Sami. Frankly, I don’t think Tamara Braun would have considered taking a role as a surrogate-like character under those circumstances.

Tamara Braun is a powerfully professional actress. Here is a composite video of clips of some of her work as “Carly” on General Hospital. She demonstrates spicy spirit and compelling performances with many talented actors and actresses. What do you think?

TPTB had better be writing good "story" with depth of character for Tamara Braun & James Scott‘s characters impending love affair relationship. In my opinion, there were many ways the show could have taken James Scott’s character of EJ in the last year or so. Frankly, they did not go anywhere but in circles of wasted time. There certainly was no character growth. It is what it is now. No way to change the past – except through a complicated dream scenario that should have been presented last fall at the latest. To me, TPTB have gambled much of the show on the new pairing. EJAMI is gone. I miss it, but it is time to move on. The character of Carly on General Hospital has always been similar in some respects to Sami on DOOL. In my opinion, the GH character of Carly was a much better written and developed character. So, I hope the leadership at DOOL leverages all possible strengths they can when introducing the new coupling of Tamara and James’ characters next month. I am expecting and praying for excitingly new magic & chemistry.

After a family commitment of over 38 years with the show, I want to remain watching and begin enjoying again the legacy program I have loved and shared for so long. How about you? Do you think that more “good story” needs to be added to the BOPE, EJAMI, MAGIC and other old or new love stories to keep the show viable? Please share your thoughts and hopes for the show we have all loved for many years.


  1. I agree with all, Except that obviously you meant #Rope ! ;) ♥ =) ♥

  2. I agree with all, Except that you obviously meant #Rope ! ;) ♥ =) ♥

  3. Have you people completely LOST YOUR MINDS!
    The recast of Taylor is absolutely horrible. EJ is georgious and the present Taylor is beautiful. Do you people have on blinders. NO NO NO Recast!


  4. I have to agree with the poster above me. I HATE the idea of Tamara Braun coming back as a love interest for EJ. I do not think they would mesh well at all. Taylor is suppose to be this goody-goody and Tamara is much to powerful for that in acting style, body language, hell even her voice is powerful. I think if they had just moved Taylor OUT of Salem with her mom, then brought in a 'bad girl' character with Tamara as a love interest for EJ that could have worked so much better. I've never liked Sami and EJ...i'm sorry it's vomit inducing for me to imagine anyone falling in love with their rapist. ((vintage Luke and Laura anyone?)) it was sick then, it's sick now.

  5. I REALLY liked the former Taylor. Will try to keep an open mind, but today's episode didn't do much to assure me.