Saturday, March 5, 2011

Patsy Pease interview ready for playback!


The consensus seems to be that Patsy was even funnier this interview than the last. I would agree. Patsy so sweet and motivating. The beginning of the interview Patsy wanted to talk about childhood obesity. She also mentions her own childhood weight problems. Other topics included Charles Shaughnessy of course, John Aniston, and the Brady family. Redhairedblaise in the chat room coined the phrase, "Patsy Pease's Peeps." So go listen to our interview and become a Peep of Patsy's. You can find Patsy on Facebook under Patricia Pease.


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  2. Thanks for setting up what turned out to be, no surprise, a great interview!
    PSquared-Patricia Pease's Peeps is now an official group on Facebook, complete with a Red Shoe as a logo!

  3. Thanks Blaise! I'll be joining your group soon! Thanks so much for coining the phrase. You guys needed a cool nickname. lol

  4. I want to become one of Patsy Pease's peeps.