Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our "The Bay" episode is ready for playback!


Thanks to all The Bay fans in attendance to our show tonight. Blogtalkradio is undergoing some upgrades. I know fans had problems listening to the show and joining us in the chat room. Some things are just out of our hands. Hopefully they'll be done upgrading next week. Anyway, Madeline, Marianne, Anna, and I had a very lively discussion about the first season of The Bay, and all the new stuff we will be seeing from The Bay this summer. Thanks so much to our awesome friend Carol and her accent for calling in. Carol has been such a great supporter of this blog since the beginning. We're so happy that she's so involved with The Bay. Gregori has great taste! You can listen to the archive here at our blog on the player at the right of the screen, or you can listen to the show on our blogtalkradio page. We are all very much looking forward to the prequels, Confessions, and season 2 of The Bay this year!


  1. The Diva rocks! Always has, always will. Thank you so much, not only for the wonderful show, but for all the support the Diva team has given (and continues) to give to THE BAY! Loved the show! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate. It was a blast, per usual. BTW... what accent? ;-)

  2. I'm so glad you called in. We need more accents on our show. lol Call in anytime. We wish The Bay nothing but the best.

  3. Damn, I suggested the chat, wanted to attend a BAY chat, and actually had a life last night. Glad it went well. Maybe in a few months there can be another?

  4. We gave you a shout out Sally. lol Maybe we'll do another one before season 2 starts.

  5. Thanks! Listening now. I keep wanting to say something but then it hits me it is not live. But I have some things to say.

    1) According to things it is not a certainty that Steve raped Sara. Matt said that it might not be rape. And thus Steven like many who are in jail for decades and are innocent. So that could really add something to the mix, if innocent and wrongly confused that could make someone bitter.

    2) Jack was a great guy, though spoiled. Matt took over due to problems with Jack #2 who was bother Mary Beth. Matt came on in Oct. of 87 and the rape was spring or earlier in 88.

    3) I find it interesting that first Sara says she was raped by Steven, could it be a lie to cover up Brian not being Lee? Then she was supposedly kidnapped by some guy, got amnesia and escaped, an Italian artist found her and she had Peter. Seems like outlandish rationale for two of her kids' conception.

    4) I much prefer Lane, I was not into the Mac. Lane has a snarky humor to him, and depth.

    5) I think Isabella is a piece of work. What I was wondering, if she is into kinky sex and went after Brian, but he could not "perform" -- so to speak, and that got her ticket off. Brian is actually gay. Then there is Brody's character, the Mayor's man, and he is closeted so I think what if they are a couple.

    6) Brian kidnapped Isabella. But somehow Steven was watching him. He forced Isabella to write the note saying it was not rape. Brian wanted her to do so, but Steven beat him. Which makes me wonder, does he actually want to save his son, is there some decency there, or does he have a darker motive