Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's you're so vain tweets

Extraordinarily boring episode today.

Carly's back. Nic calls Brady. Brady missed a few buttons on his shirt. Nic wants to know if Taylor's job offer was about her.

EJaylor meet at the DiMansion door. Sami wants sex the way they used to. r2d2 is clueless. Rafe doesn't know where he is.

Stefano just now realizes that telling Rafe his mind was getting erased wasn't the best idea he's ever had. doesn't know if Rafe is faking

Dan gets a call at home. Mel is re-admitted to the hospital. Brady laughs at Nic's vanity. Tells her to get over herself.

Brady hangs up on her. Taylor starts telling EJ off when Nic arrives. EJ doesn't want Taylor working with Brady. r2d2 is offended by Sami

Nathan insists on having tests done on Mel. Darly shows up to hover over poor Mel. Mel wants Carly to stay. Taylor is pissed with EJ.

EJ says a job at Titan would be a disaster. Taylor really should move out of the DiMansion if she's working at Titan jmho.

Nic is not happy with EJ. Rafe wants to know what is going on. He doesn't know Stefano.

Mel wants to talk about Carly giving her up. EJ thinks Taylor is naive. Taylor shows up at the K-mansion. She wants the job.

Sami is afraid for the future. Wants r2d2 to go back to normal. Stefano pulls out a gun. He wants the truth. Oh, please shoot Rafe.

Mel understands what Carly went through. Mel would have given her child away if it meant it would have lived. *sob*

Sydney calls Nic "mommy" unless my hearing is off. Nic assumed that EJaylor didn't hit it off when they met. r2d2 apologizes to Sami.

r2d2 wants Sami to go into detail on who he used to be. Awww he's so sincere. Sami hasn't had this much sex in a long time. Don't complain

Again, EJ decides not to tell Nic about the pier meeting with Taylor. Brady says he wants Titan to be legit.

Brady doesn't like Taylor's living arrangements. Sami tells r2d2 that he likes it slow, play with her hair, rub her shoulders, etc.

#carnell lake is trending? Haven't heard that name in forever.

Nate tells Dan that Phelanie is over. Nate tells Dan he wants to marry Mel. Mel confesses to Carly she thought of having an abortion.

Mel asks when did Carly realize Carbo was over. Mel tells her Phelanie is over. Mel doesn't think she'll get over Nathan.

Nicole leaves with Sydney, calls Stefano "grandpa." Stefano updates EJ about Rafe. r2d2 asks about his "performance." Sami seems happy.

r2d2 needs to learn about post-coital snuggling. Sami flashes back to Rafe on the pier exchanging their safe house keys.

Nate asks Dan for Mel's hand in marriage. Dan says no. Taylor asks if EJ is that bad, Brady says he's worse.

Taylor tells Brady EJ said the same thing about him. Stefano wants EJ away from Rafe to not trigger his memory. EJ has no regrets.

Sami gets out her key that Rafe gave her and cries. Rafe yells for help. Says to himself he doesn't know who he is.

Thank goodness that's over.

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