Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday's "darts are dorky" tweets

Hard time tweeting today, got a phone call, then twitter was being cranky. Johnny was the highlight of the show.

Bo walks in on Gabi falsely accusing a girl of stealing her earrings. Dario shows up at the pawn shop.

Adrienne tells Jennifer she's engaged to Justin. Jenn tells Adrienne she wants to find Jack to divorce him. Nathan yells at a nurse.

Nathan wants Mel to stay in the hospital. Maggie calls him out that he just wants her to stay for him. Mel's at Dan's apartment

Carly tells Dan she's worried about Mel. Repeat of r2d2 telling Johnny to punch out a bully with Sami overhearing.

Sami asks about Sydney who is napping. Johnny asks Sami if they are going to fight. He leaves the room. r2d2 says he's in the doghouse.

phone call

Twitter wasn't working. Now I'm back.

Carly gives Mel some tea. Mel tells Carly her marriage is over. Mel praising Dan and his patience. Dan shows up at the SPD.

Dan tells Bo he's a complete jerk. Pot meet kettle.

Sami getting mad at r2d2 because "violence is not the answer." So says the woman who shot the father of her two kids in the head.

Dan is mad at Bo for breaking Carly's heart. She got involved with a married man, what did she think was going to happen?

Nathan tells Maggie Mel doesn't want anything to do with him. He's still in denial. Nathan calls Mel anyways. r2d2 leaves for work.

Mel tells him it's over again. She's upset again, Carly is consoling her. Jenn shows up at the Pub, runs into Dan.

Dan recommends they shoot darts instead of her eating a cheeseburger. She thinks dart throwing is dorky. Will does his own investigation.

Will asks Don Swayze who sold the earrings to him. Dario is paying off some dude. Rafe gets a hug from McCarthy, a fellow female cop

Bo wants the Dimera files that Rafe took.

Dan tells Jenn 2 visualize something she wants 2 hit with the dart. Wouldn't it be easier if he just stood right in front of the dart board?

Will wants to see the video tape at the pawn shop. r2d2 said he'll bring the DiMera files tomorrow. r2d2 decides to snoop online.

Johnny totally rats out r2d2 to Sami. He says, "Rafe is just the best." lmfao

Jenn is really good at darts while visualizing Jack. Carly tells Nathan that Mel doesn't want to see him. He's bawling his eyes out.

Gabi recognizes the thief on the camera. Dario spies Mel's necklace she got from Carly. Sami tells Johnny not to hit other kids.

ohnny says he doesn't want Rafe to get better, he likes him just the way he is. Man, that Johnny is a smart one. lmfao

r2d2 looks up his own police report. Will DOOL actually tells us who he really is? Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow, I think I shall enter a dart contest at an area pub this St. Patrick's Day. I can visualize Corday, Dena, Tomlin, the Maloofs who want to move our Kings to Anaheim, and Jennifer for being an idiot.