Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's "scratch that itch" tweets

Anyone else getting itchy?

I was distracted and missed some of the show, but I squeezed in a few good tweets.

Dario "warns" Dan that Mel is a gold digging nurse luring rich older male doctors. How did he know that Mel once lusted after her dad?

EJ is love with a woman who he finds boring when she speaks. The #DOOL standard for twu luv has officially been lowered.

How do you know if EJ loves you? If he insults and manipulates you every chance he gets. Bingo! He's in love.

Whoopi doing a Poise commercial is almost as bad as guest starring on #DOOL. lol

Dario "walked into a door" named Daniel's fist. lol Even Stephanie figured it out.

Stefano just bragged about his "obsessions" with women. Tells EJ to scratch his itch. EJ goes shopping for bird cages Taylor's size. lol

Mel officially hates Dario. I officially hated him last week. #jointheclub

@Nicholle78 Taylor must be a masochist to like EJ after he said she's a lame kisser. #ouch

Chad decides to move into the DiMansion. He'll be scratching itches soon. lol Watch out Abby.

Dario gets hired as a dock worker. I guess they won't have to worry about him stealing since he sucks at it.

Sami talks to a passed out r2d2. Lucky for him he's passed out. lol

EJ kisses Taylor again. Man, he must really be itchy! lol Show's over.

If Sami apologizes and the guy's passed out, does she make a sound? #DOOLbrainteasers

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