Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday's "erotic thrill out of getting revenge" tweets


Great episode on Friday. Wow, we really needed one!

Yay! Vivian! She's living in the Salem Inn. She isn't happy her life is so empty. Gus says she has him. Her spirit may be broken.

Sami gives Kate a package to send to Ali. Kate tells Sami she knows Ali left because of Rafe. Sami denies it. Stefano interrupts.

Nicole asks r2d2 "who are you, and what have you done to the real Rafe?" The real Rafe is seizing. Ejaylor kissing?

Gabi and Will at the Java Cafe. Gabi is upset her earrings got stolen. Her bro is trying to pawn them to Patrick Swayze's brother.

Nic thinks she's being videotaped. r2d2 thinks Sami is "customizing" him. r2d2 thinks Nic is a kindred spirit. He's a changed man.

Stefano doesn't want Kate interrogating Sami. He apologizes to Sami about Kate. He offers to help. Sami's mad Lucas tattled to Kate.

Kate thinks Sami is scared. Taylor resists the kiss. She slaps him.

Sami thinks Stefano and Kate are playing good cop and bad cop. Sami leaves. Kate says Sami is scared. Stefano denies it.

Nic denies EJ is controlling. Nic doesn't trust r2d2. r2d2 thinks Rafe is a loser for not sleeping with Nic when he had the chance.

Gus is prepping Viv for her massage. Viv is complaining about Maggie. She wants a man who "gets an erotic thrill for getting revenge." lol

Viv sets her sights on Stefano. She says she can handle Kate.

Gabi says Caroline doesn't have video cameras in the Pub. She doesn't have them to cover her own criminal activities. lol

Sami shows up at the Java Cafe. Kate questions Stefano for taking Sami's side. Kate worries for Johnny and Sydney.

Johnny is having bully problems. r2d2 says a bunch of politically incorrect stuff about the bully named Reed. Nic walks in on EJaylor.

Viv has a plan for Stefano. Patrick Swayze's brother will only give the stealer $100 for Gabi's earrings.

Gabi says she feels the same way about Rafe. According to Gabi, Rafe was a super athlete and great at crossword puzzles.

The docs say Rafe's brain scan is as empty as the dark side of the moon. And that's before Stefano got a hold of him. lol

r2d2 teaches Johnny to sucker punch. Johnny punches r2d2. Will thanks Sami for not scaring Gabi.

Gus questions Viv saying her plans always work. Viv says she suffers setbacks, not failures. Maybe she should be a motivational speaker.

Stefano tells Kate to back off on Safe2. Will wants to help his mum. Nic says she walked into something heavy with EJaylor.

Taylor lies and says they were discussing Faye. EJ says Taylor wouldn't feel comfortable there. "Who is?" says Nicole. lol

"You're not the boss of me," Kate quotes Johnny. Kate makes fun of Stefano calling her "Katerina." She leaves.

r2d2 gives the kids sprinkles for their ice cream. He pours some directly into his mouth. Stefano calls r2d2. Tells him to scare Sami more.

Sami lies to Will and says she didn't send Ali to Lucas because of r2d2. And she lies and says she's not afraid for the twins. She leaves.

Gabi sees someone outside the Java Cafe. EJ taunts Taylor into confessing to Nic. Nic wants Taylor to move in for Nic's sake.

Gabi notices some girl with her earrings. Calls her a bitch and accuses her of stealing them. Gabi's ready for the SPD, doncha think? lol

Stefano gets the good news that Rafe has no memory. Gus overhears Stefano plotting out loud. Viv gets her massage. Gus calls her.

Johnny wants to talk it out with Reed instead of hitting him. Sami overhears r2d2 telling Johnny to beat the crap out of Reed.

Nic thinks EJaylor doesn't like each other. Man, did they dumb down Nicole.

Show's over. We definitely had the good script writers on Friday.

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