Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's "best wedding night ever" tweets

Some funny moments today.

Victor expresses his sympathy to Phil about the miscarriage. Phil's holding cutie pie Parker. Vic wants him to fight for his marriage.

Chloe's packing up to go home. Where's the Wesleys? Mate at the Pub. Taylor shows up at the DiMansion. omg..another flashback. gmafb

Nicole is happy to see her, "best wedding night ever." Rafe gets another visit from Stefano. Stefano's got a syringe. woohoo!

Dan says r2d2 has a healthy brain. Sami's mad and says he's not her husband. r2d2 says he has a thick skull. lol Nate loves Melanie.

Another flashback, this time Phelanie. Taylor doesn't want to hear about the EJole wedding night. Nicole's talking dirty. lmfao

r2d2 is not happy with Sami insulting him in public. I don't blame him. Sami wants to talk to Dan alone.

EJ says the mri couldn't be switched. EJ calls him out for saying everything was ok with Sami. Stefano gets ready to inject Rafe.

Brady tries to comfort Chloe. Broe's going to see the baby. Sami tells Dan that r2d2 is so different. Dan says they can do more tests.

EJ's concerned that Stefano is going to do something stupid. Rafe fights back. Stefano's having second thoughts. Do it!

Mel doesn't seem happy that Nate is declaring his love. Steph isn't happy either. 3rd flashback of the day, Brady v Victor argument.

Phil says Victor doesn't know Chloe. Is he serious? Parker is awake. Steph bashes Mel, doesn't know about the miscarriage.

Nate tells Steph about the miscarriage. Steph feels like shit no doubt. EJ leaves r2d2 to make a phone call.

Sami complains about r2d2's temper. Sami saying r2d2 is, "touchy and over reactive" is funny. EJ calls Stefano tells him not 2 inject Rafe.

Victor puts Brady in his place. He doesn't want Chloe there. Taylor asks Nic if EJ loves Nic. Taylor says she wants what NIc wants. No shit.

EJ is not happy w Stefano. Stefano calls the shots. Literally! lol

Stefano says the shot might not work. Dan wants Sami to look at things from r2d2's pov. Tells Sami to be less confrontational. lmfao!

Sami says, "have you met me?" lol Sami has a plan. Dan says, "oh boy." lmfao Funny eppy today. EJ tells r2d2 says there's a new plan.

EJ tells r2d2 to act more like Rafe. Sami walks in.

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Phil joins in to defend Chloe. Phil wants Chloe to move in. Chloe must be a glutton for punishment. Phil says she stays, or they all go.

Steph apologizes to Nate. Nate tells her that Mel will be his wife. Steph says they'll be happy for five minutes. lol

Taylor tells Nic about Brady's job offer. Taylor tried to turn it down. r2d2 apologizes to Sami. Sami says she'll back off.

Sami's been married a lot, but she didn't know guys hate going to the doctor and having tests done?

Rafe comes to. Damn, I was hoping Stefano got his syringes mixed up. Rafe even has a band aid on his arm. Stefano is so thoughtful. lol

Mel doesn't want to talk about love with Nathan. That poor girl needs to move away. Victor relents, and lets Chloe stay.

Vic's not through with Brady. Nic wants Taylor to take the job with Brady. Mel collapses again. Chloe holds Parker.

Brady is dead to Victor, again. r2d2 apologizes again, and consents to more tests. Sami kisses him. Wants to make love like they used to.

Rafe says he doesn't know where he is and who Stefano is.

Poor r2d2, back to the missionary position for him. lmfao Thanks for reading along. Patsy Pease interview tonight at 10 pm est!

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