Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday, Monday, and Tuesday's tweets

I got bored and decided to watch the eppies I missed recently. I didn't tweet about every little scene, just the ones that struck me as tweet-worthy.

"Hope's more exciting to Bo now that she's spent time in prison," says Viv from Monday's eppy of #DOOL. lol I'm getting caught up today.

Great State scenes on Monday. Hot kiss too. Nice to see at least one couple in love on #DOOL.

"I could threaten the ppl who love you. Oh drat. There aren't any such ppl," Kate says to Vivian from Monday's eppy. lol

So Dario steals to get a PI to investigate his sis's death because the SPD won't investigate. Who was the former commish? Rafe. lol

Watching Tues's eppy..So Mel's a bad friend for not investigating Ari's death, but Dario is not a bad bro for not showing up to the funeral.

Sami accurately describes herself as a fair weather wife who wants to back out when her husband is going through a tough time. Yep!

I forgot Dr. Frankenstein took Ari's heart. You'd think the SPD would investigate that too after he got busted. NOPE.

Where can I apply for the "Stefano DiMera scholarship for illegitimate studies"? You never know...

"Don't you use the imperative with me," says Stefano to r2d2. Man, Joe M can still scare the shit out of you when he wants to.

lmao at r2d2 for saying Rafe is a dweeb that Sami has under her thumb. tru dat!

Chad says accepting the scholarship may be like signing up for ROTC with the DiMeras...

..but I don't think Stefano will pimp Chad out like he did his mom. lol

Magic is too damned cute. Great date on Tuesday. Wow. Love the dialogue about Maggie is going to stop trying to fend off Victor.

Holy cow. Chad beat Stefano at chess. Has that ever happened on DOOL? I'm assuming Stefano lost on purpose.

I don't get how r2d2 acting more like Rafe will get Sami to divorce him?

To be more like Rafe r2d2 decides to cut his balls off and give them to Sami on a silver platter.

Justin got Dario free on bail. I think that officially makes Justin the best attorney ever in the history of Salem. lol

Yeah, I'm catching up on Friday's eppy, mostly because I saw @TheJudiEvans & @wallykurth were both in it.

Funny how r2d2 wanted to run it by Sami about Dario moving in, and then she makes the same decision without consulting him. lol

Dario complains that Rafe has turned into a total jerk, yet he's unrepentant for stealing. #potmeetkettle

Dan asks that Rafe's bro is in Salem, Sami says "one of them is, yes". There's more? #sayitisntso

Sami complains to Dan about r2d2 teaching Johnny to box again. I guess Johnny needs to turn his balls over to Sami too.

With Justin handling all the divorce and criminal cases in Salem plus working for Titan, you'd think his office wouldn't look like shit.

Ewww...Ej kisses Nicole with the same lips he just kissed her sister three times a few moments before. #gross

For the first time ever, we see the nice pier actually goes somewhere when you walk up the stairs. lol

Dan tells Mel that Rafe would never cover up a crime for anyone. Except when Sami shoots EJ in the head.

Dario is as good with magic as he is with stealing. His magic quarter was on the table the entire time he was doing his trick for Johnny.

EJ tells Taylor to get over herself, and insinuates she isn't a good kisser. lmfao No church wedding for Justin and Adrienne. :-(

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