Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's love is in the air tweets

Lots of love for Valentine's Day: State, Phelanie, Safe2, Will & Gabi, and EJole.

Rafe gets the keys to his cell, unlocks the door. And he's armed. Guard grabs his leg. Mel calls Kate at Chez Rouge. Mel's ready.

Mel rings the bell at the K-Mansion. Phil answers the door. Mel says, "Happy Anniversary." Holy cow, they made it a whole year!

soon-to-be-ex Taylor is fantasizing about EJ. EJ is thinking of her also. Nicole brings him champagne. EJ gives Nicole a gorgeous ring.

Rafe2D2 and Sami are making out on the couch. Rafe hits the guard with the gun and exits.

Stefano joins Kate on their date. Stefano gives her a Ferrari for V-Day and a ring. Lucky girl. Will & Gabi interrupt Safe2.

Nicole hyperventilates over her ring. EJ kisses her. Rafe is outside the french doors.

X-Taylor is still fantasizing about EJ. Join the club. Chad gives her the scarf she dropped. Chad leaves.

Johnny wishes EJole a Happy Valentine's Day. Johnny heard a noise outside. Will & Gabi dropped by to get their pic taken for V-Day.

Phil is so damn cute. He's trying to charm Mel. It would work on me. lol Kate decides to not to fill Stefano in on her Chloe plan.

Chad shows up at Chez Rouge. R2D2 is trying to get the kids out of the house. Sami noticed. More kissing.

Nicole says there's pirates outside who want Johnny's eye patch after he gets his new eye tomorrow. EJ takes the cutie pie upstairs.

Taylor shows up at the DiMansion to ruin the EJole love fest.

Kate points out Chad to Stefano. Chad asks for a job application. Stefano offers him a job. Stefano wants him to call tomorrow for a job.

Will & Gabi show up. Weird seeing them chat with State. Will asks why Chad would accept a job from Stefano.

Taylor wants to show Nic her dress. It's gorgeous. Taylor reaches for the door handle with EJ reaching from the other side.

Safe2 actually made it to the bedroom. Rafe collapses in the snow.

Mel decides to take Phil back. Gabi invited Chad to their V-Day dinner. Will gives her the "wtf?" look. Chad leaves.

Guard finds EJ in the entry. Taylor notices NIc's ring. Nic is going to check the price of the ring.

Safe2 gets a knock on the door. Taylor asks if she has to be phony about the DiMeras. Taylor looks for a EJ picture

r2d2 goes to answer the knock on the door. Sami talks aloud that he's trying too hard. (If a guy tries too hard in bed, is that really a problem? lol)

r2d2 has dessert delivered. Rafe comes to. Bummer. Phil promises to Mel he'll make it up to her. They kiss.

Taylor has a hunch she won't be alone next V-day. EJ discovers the empty cell. Chad is in the woods. He finds Allie's pic on the ground.

2d2 feeds Sami. She feeds him back. r2d2 is done with the food. More kissing. Rafe's right outside their door.

Mel wants to take things slow, he wanted her to move in. Mel leaves. Mel calls Kate. Stefano rolls his eyes. Stefano calls about his secret

Rafe sees Safe2 making out on the couch. rotflmaopimp! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Oh this show is so bad right now it is not even funny: all these "pairings" for "valentine's day" (lol what a are puke worthy except maybe Kate and Stefano and still he threatens her granddaughter after having pimp her and try to kill two of her sons..but whatever any of these character's behaviour doesn't make any sense anyway..thank you for the recap because i will not watch this farce that's for sure. lol