Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's "He's punking you." tweets


Well, twitter died on me with about twenty minutes to go on the show.

Stefano talks about why we need women. I had to giggle when he said, "procreation." He procreated a lot with several different women. lol

Stefano tells Rafe that EJole is getting married again. Stefano blames Rafe for Allie disappearing. Rafe tries to attack Stefano.

Maggie tells Chloe that the meds will do her good. Maggie leaves her house. Kate asks Chloe if she's talking to herself. lmfao

Bope at the Pub. Hope is amazed ppl are happy she's back. Bo says he's suspended again from his job. Bo wants to make plans with Hope.

Lexie, Taylor, and Nic are amazed how great Chez Rouge looks for the wedding. Nic admits she fell for EJ again. EJ is dreaming of Taylor.

Chloe asks Kate to call before she calls. Yeah, like that's going to happen. Phil shows up to say Chloe is not alone.

Abe sees Bope at the Pub. Kate and Phil bicker over Chloe. Taylor is shocked that Nic is in love. EJ tells al minion to find Taylor.

Lexie overhears EJ. She's not buying EJ's bull that he was talking about protection for himself. Rafe threatens to kill Stefano.

Abe and Theo are leaving already. Theo wants to see Ciara. He's tired of beating Taylor at cards. Bope's going bowling? wtf?

Kate leaves Maggie's house. Phil promises to keep Kate away from her. Does Chloe's hair look red? Or is it the bad lighting?

Lexie tries to talk sense to EJ. Doesn't work. lol

Nic tells Taylor to stop being honest with her. lol Taylor gives Nic a piece of gypsy lace for old and borrowed. Chad shows up.

Stefano says the good looking DiMera gene comes from his side of the family. Chad's still dissing his new family. Rafe's faking a headache

Ciara got sick which stopped Bope's bowling date. Chloe is hallucinating Parker crying in front of Philip.

Finally got back on Twitter. Lexie took a DiMera men pic. Chad calls them the Addams Family, says he heard they had dungeons. lol

Stefano again talks 2 EJ about marrying Nic. Lexie is with the Walker sisters. Nic leaves to get dressed. Lex doesn't think EJ will luv Nic

That's all for the tweets. Twitter won't let me on. Here's what happened at the end of the show. EJ asks Chad where are the rings he gave him. Johnny tells Chad that "he's punking you." lmao Phil realizes that Chloe lied about Maggie watching Parker and leaves for Maggie's house. He finds Chloe's note. Chloe is at the pier with Parker, she asks God for forgiveness. Bope and Ciara watch a movie at their home. Taylor walks down the aisle. EJ and Taylor recognize each other and say, "you."

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