Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday's "he's the happiest when he has a prisoner" tweets

ShareJust how bad was it? Oh, it was bad.

Bo tells Hope he won't let Santana hurt her again.

Mel tells Daniel that heart-less Jennifer is dead but is attached to life support and has vitals. #rollseyes

RealRafe wakes up. EJ and Stefano are there to taunt him. Rafedos is already having flashbacks. Sami walks in. Rafedos thinks she's hot.

Rafedos pretends to be asleep. Good idea!

I feel so bad for #jamesscott and #joemascolo.

Rafe asks if the DiMera men will kill him. #wecouldonlyhope

Abe refuses to let Carly help Jenn. wtf? SuperDan goes to fix Jenn.

Is 10 am too early to start drinking?
Nicholle78 Nicholle Bilodeau
@DivaofDOOL It's 5 O'Clock somewhere!
Nicholle78 Nicholle Bilodeau
@DivaofDOOL You should premake jello shots in anticipation of the show. They'll go down a little easier than cheap booze. LOL
@Nicholle78 That would be hard to hide from the kids. lol
Nicholle78 Nicholle Bilodeau
@DivaofDOOL LOL... Ooops! Forgot about those little buggers!
@Nicholle78 I'll blame you when Child Protective Services comes to my house.
Nicholle78 Nicholle Bilodeau
@DivaofDOOL Eh, just tell them that I'm single & child-less. They'll understand that I don't know any better. LOL
@Nicholle78 that could work.

Unfortunately, EJ tells Rafe he will keep him alive.

Rafedos checks out Sami's rack. Rafedos asks Sami what he does for a living. Is "annoying ppl" a profession?
Nicholle78 Nicholle Bilodeau
@DivaofDOOL Yes... it's what those people who ask for insurance cards in Emergency rooms do for a living. ;-)

Bo calls it an "excellent adventure." Even Bill and Ted are insulted by the comparison.

Carly tells Bope the bad news about Jenn.

Gina is in handcuffs. Tells Mel that Jenn can't be helped.

Stefano gets a phone call. Stefano tells Rafe to talk to the help if he wants an upgrade on his pillow. #freestefano

EJ says, "he's happiest when he has a prisoner." Well, that's true.

Stefano already forgot about his other son Chad, and he also seems to have forgotten his late son, Tony. #bringbacktonydimera

Hope blames herself for Jenn's plight. Abe informs them that Dan has Jenn's heart. Abe wants to question Bo now for some reason.

Hope thanks Carly.

Gina wants a lawyer. She's in a room with Dr. Frankenstein. Bo's already intimidating Gina with Abe watching.

Dan finally shows up.

EJ blames Rafe for his problems with Sami. EJ's smoking a cigar. Maybe he's really Andre. Rafe asks if Sami will notice if he's gone

Rafedos sniffs Sami's hair. She's got a present for Rafe. She wants him to guess, but I'm assuming he knows "bj" is not a good guess.

Dr. F finds out that Jenn's heart got donated. He claims he thought the organs were legally donated. He asks about Jenn.

Dan trusts Mel to put Jenn's heart in a bucket of saline. #gross

@Nicholle78 The show is even worse than I thought. *chug*

Rafedos does tell Sami that sex with her is his favorite. She asks what his fav work of art is? She gave him porn? lol

omg..Sami gives Rafedos a "dogs playing poker" shirt. Hopefully Rafedos has better taste in art than that.

Carly tries to reassure Hope about Jenn.

Dr. F wants to help Jenn. Between Dan molesting Jenn's heart, and Dr. F, Jenn is so screwed.

Someone from #dool needs to grow some balls and take the blame for this crapfest.

Wouldn't it have been easier to "kill" Rafe and use the lookalike as his dead body?

Chad asks about Johnny. EJ walks in. EJ isn't very nice to his little bro. Then Chad leaves. What was the point of that?

Stefano gets another call. He already predicts a Sami/Rafedos hook up.

Chad seeks out Lexie in the hospital. In all seriousness, who just goes to the hospital to hang out? There's germs all over the place

The "Chad being a DiMera" s/l has never worked. #bringbacktonydimera Chad complains Stef and EJ weren't happy to see him.

Gina gets escorted to a holding cell. Dr. F insists on helping Jenn. Hope prays for Jenn. Her prayers mention JJ. Where is he btw?

Carly comforts Hope.

Daniel is done with the surgery.

Stefano feels bad for Rafedos having to listen to Sami's mouth. Yeah, Rafedos will probably need a raise eventually.

EJ says, "a man's kiss is his signature." EJ hopes Rafedos can pull it off. He lays one on Sami in the hospital. Sami's happy with Rafedos.

Rafe wonders why he's still alive. Yeah, we are all wondering that, Rafe.

Dr. Humility tells Bo he's the best doc in the state. He calls Dr. Dan "an amateur."

Mel turns off Jenn's life support. She's ok for about a minute. Alarms go off.

Thursday's spoilers. Kate/Victor. Nicole/Taylor. Bo/Carly I'll be back at 3 pm for today's eppy. #freethediva


  1. So are they going to submit this for their Emmy reel?

  2. You know it! lol And they wonder why they don't get nominated for best daytime drama.

  3. I remember reading in 1995 they submitted the stuff with Marlena in the church, meanwhile GH had the AIDS stuff. GH pretty much swept the Emmys the following year.