Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's "Saber dueling" tweets

Tuesday's Days of Our Lives episode, Vivian saved it from being a total bore.

Rafe2d2 packs to take Allie, she's not buying it. Sami interrupts. Chloe calls Mel a "bitch", tells Phil Mel wants to take her baby.

EJ gets a call outside the pub about the wedding. He daydreams of meeting Taylor at the pier. Nic asks if Taylor is thinking of "him."

Allie refuses to leave w r2d2. Stefano threatens Allie to Rafe. Rafe pathetically attempts to attack The Phoenix.

Brady at the pier on his cell. Viv overhears and squees. lol Vic is reading a book. Maggie shows up with Parker. So cute!

Parker is smiling up a storm. EJ walks into the Pub. Sami tries to talk Allie into going to the park.

r2d2 is dragging Allie out the door. Vic thinks Maggie needs cheering up. Vic mentions seeing her at Chez Rouge with 2 glasses on V Day.

Kate overhears Magic. Mel lies that she didn't tell Kate on the phone she was going to take Parker from Chloe. Will shows up at Sami's.

Lucas calls Sami. Heaven forbid they bring back Bryan Dattilo for a few episodes. Taylor is in the rest room when EJ walks in.

Stefano summons EJ home. Allie's on the swings. r2d2 calls someone to get Allie. #freeallie

EJ tells Nic he has to go. Parker is smiling at Grandma Kate. Love Kate's coat. Maggie leaves with the baby, refuses to leave him.

Chloe feels betrayed by Phil. Sami tells Lucas she'll think about sending Allie with Doreen the babysitter. Sami blames Kate.

I guess Sami forgot Kate warned her that EJ was going to kidnap Johnny and Sydney which led her to shoot EJ.

Allie doesn't want to leave w r2d2, he plans a fake fight with the kidnappers. Kate leaves Victor's, Melanie calls her and fills her in.

Taylor is back. Chloe walks into the Pub. She wants to talk to Nic. Chad shows up at Sami's. He wants to hang out with Johnny. Awww.

Viv thanks Brady for destroying Victor. Phil shows up. Viv tells Phil that Brady is his new boss. Viv is such a ray of sunshine. lol

Chloe declines being maid of honor. Brady explains how he got Titan. Vivian's hilarious. Phil's not happy. Chad is reading to Johnny.

Johnny asks Chad to come to the wedding since Will refuses to go. Sami shows up at the park. Sami asks Allie if she wants to see Lucas...

Allie says yes. Stefano tells EJ that Rafe has walking pneumonia. Stefano is ready for stage 2.

Kate drops by Maggie's to talk to Chloe. Johnny calls out Will for saying a bad word. lol Sami wants to talk to Allie alone.

Allie tells Sami that r2d2 was mean to her. Kate convinces Chloe that Daniel wants Chloe drugged so she'll leave him alone.

Phil tells Brady to go to Hell. Sami had Allie packed. Allie's 5 now? Yet Johnny is 4? Color me confused. Safe2 hug it out.

Chloe spills the pills down the drain. Man, is she easily manipulated. Chloe's glad she talked to Kate. Taylor is the new maid of honor

Chad talks to EJ at the DiMansion. Chad says yes to being the best man. He tells EJ that Johnny wants him to be there.

r2d2 calls Stefano to tell him about Allie. Stefano decides not to tell Rafe about Hong Kong. That's it. Thanks for reading.

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