Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday's "It's fate." tweets

ShareBesides the sex, today's eppy was pretty dull.

yay! JKJ's haircut makes its debut. Phil holds Parker.

Kate visits Melanie at Daniel's.

Chloe talks to Daniel at the hospital. "It's fate."

Nicole stops the EJ make out session. Nicole thought they had a "no sex" rule. EJ disagrees.

Stefano says he's keeping Rafe alive because he needs him. #twuwuv

Sami wants to have sex with 3 kids in the apartment, Rafe2D2 slows up.

Jenn asks Maxine to get Daniel for her. Chloe tells Daniel she went to a therapist. Dan tries to leave. Chloe wants to talk. He doesn't.

EJ reassures Nic that he's not pressuring her into sex. How is she resisting him? #hotdamn

R2D2 blames his lack of interest on the beer. Sami said he's lying.

Phil promises to Maggie he'll be a father to Parker and Mel's baby.

Mel doesn't believe Kate.

Chloe keeps playing the Parker card. Chloe wants Daniel to look at her like he used to. Dan agrees.

Lexie talks to Taylor at the nice pier. Lexie wants to talk about Nicole.

Nicole says Brady is not the reason she's not putting out. Nicole turns EJ down for sex. #wtf?

Rafe thinks Stefano did something to Sami. Stefano says Sami doesn't miss Rafe.

Sami thinks Rafe is withholding sex because of his accident. She wants to take it slow. R2D2 stops her from checking on the kids.

Phil shows up at Daniel's with Kate and Melanie.

Chloe goes back to Maggie's. Chloe didn't fill her prescription. She starts crying. She tells Maggie her sob story.

Chloe admits that she doesn't know if she can love Parker anymore.

Nicole asks EJ if he still hates her for the Sydnapping.

Kate leaves Phil and Mel alone.

Jenn talks to Alice's photo. Daniel walks in.

EJ moves in for another kiss. #hotdamnagain

R2D2 kisses Sami's neck.

EJ teases her, then they kiss. Safe2D2 is kissing.

Mel tells Phil all of Kate's schemes. Mel tells Phil they won't reunite. Mel brings up Nathan.

Jenn tells Daniel "thank you." Dan starts talking about Mel.

Chloe is still trying to get Maggie to leave. Chloe leaves instead.

Lexie wants Taylor to talk to Nicole again about staying. Taylor turns to leave again.

EJole still kissing. R2D2 wants to do it now.

Jenn takes the blame for trusting Dr. Frankenstein. Daniel is already fantasizing about feeling her up.

Mel bashes Phil for seeing Parker for 2 or 3 minutes. She tells Phil that he doesn't matter. #harsh

Chloe is at the pier. Rafe comes up with the "body burned recognition" theory. That's so 1993. That's how Stefano fakes his own death, duh

EJole and Safe2D2 finally do it.

Safe2D2 is ready to do his victory lap. Sami's not impressed. EJ'slaughing. Nicole's not impressed. Nic goes to make martinis.

R2D2 calls EJ to brag about scoring. Phil tells Kate to back off. Mel asks why Chloe isn't with the baby.

Nicole's glowing. She's wondering if EJ wants round 2 or to kick her out. Doorbell. She's not happy to see Taylor.

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