Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's "Hell is living without you" tweets

SharePretty dull and embarrassing episode of Days of Our Lives today, which means of course, today's episode will be the show's Emmy submission for best drama. lol

Here we go:

Only watched last 1/2 hr of Monday's #DOOL, I can still say worst #DOOL episode ever. Hated it.

Mel and Nate at the hospital. Mel's ignoring his texts. Nate wants to talk, Mel says no.

Taylor starts asskissing Nicole. Taylor was accused of stealing a wallet. Nicole gets the cop to leave. Nic is not happy to see her.

Taylor asks Nicole if marrying EJ is good news.

Rafe #2 gets the once over by EJ. EJ laughs. EJ shakes his hand.

Lexie is at Rafe's bed side. wtf?

Carly calls Daniel. She tells them about the body parts. Dr. Frankenstein gets choked by Daniel.

How does Jenn have a heartbreat without a heart?

He said, she said with Bo and Santana. Santana is making the better argument. lol

Daniel asks where Ben got the heart. Daniel calls Abe and fills him in.

Nicole tells Taylor that she's happy. Taylor gives Nic a present.

Rafe #2 seems a bit more peppy than Original Recipe Rafe.

Dr. F is totally freaking me out. A cop comes to talk to him. Daniel gives the cop Jenn's heart. ewwwwwwwwwwww

Gina gets a call that Santana has been taken into custody. She tells another prisoner to get rid of Jennifer.

Santana takes Hope hostage.

Santana starts rubbing up against Hope. Gun goes off.

Taylor gave Nicole a pic of themselves as children. Can we bring back Brandon now? Taylor asks to freshen up. #countthesilver

Stefano tells them that Marco is posing as an orderly at the hospital. Rafe is up and walking around. Rafe asks Nathan what's up.

Santana does her perp walk. Bo tells Hope that "hell is living without you." Carly overhears. Whoops!

omg...half an hour to go. And I am out of alcohol. #savethediva

Taylor questions Nicole's drinking. I don't get what's newsworthy about that. Taylor's annoying me already. She talks too slowly.

EJ and Stefano see Rafe talking to Nathan.

Hope tells Carly she's grateful for her help. You know what Bo's thinking..#threesome

The prisoner is thinking about pulling life support on Jenn.

Melanie is totally eavesdropping on Stefano, EJ, and Lexie. lol EJ tells Lexie about the truce. Lexie believes him. lol

Santana wants to cut a deal to finger Stefano. But he's a married man. lmfao

Taylor wants to move in to the DiMansion. Nicole doesn't seem happy about that.

Carly remembers Trustee Gina might be destroying evidence. She calls Mel, asks to talk to Daniel. Mel goes to look for him.

Stefano has another SPD cop give Santana a message. Abe walks in saying the DA agreed to the plea deal. Santana says Dr. F is Mr. Big.

Stefano wants to make the Rafe switch now. Marco does it. Rafe #2 is in Rafe's hospital bed.

Daniel asks Abe if he can have the heart back. Carly asks Daniel to go to the prison. The cops bang on the infirmary door

Taylor tells Nicole she's been laid off. She asks for help.

The cop and Melanie (wtf?) tells the prisoner to step aside from the infirmary. Bo tells Hope that the s/l is over. We should be so lucky!

Mel discovers Jenn's body.

#DOOL is giving me a headache. #stopthemadness

Hope tells Bo he's a freed man. Aren't they still married? lol

Hope thinks she has to serve out her term. She forgot her last name is Brady. She'll be home in time for supper.

Mel tells Daniel on the phone that "they took Jennifer's heart."

Nicole calls her sister "a boarder." lol Nicole tells her no on the sleep over. She tells her about the "no tell" motel.

Taylor leaves the DiMansion. Nicole seems upset.

Stefano and EJ look over Rafe in the DiBasement prison. How did Nicole and Taylor not see them?

Wed spoilers: Mel tells Jenn to hang on. Hope and Carly talk. EJ, Stefano, and Rafe.

nuRafe says he feels like a new man. I need a good nickname for Rafe #2. I'm tired of searching for the # mark. lol Thanks for reading!


  1. So, did they hire a ghost whisper and are getting their scripts from JERk? Because this reads like his crap. I really want to hear the excuse they write for Jack not returning. Because no way no how would Jack not be there.

    I am not even being facetious but I would think whatever organization(s) for organ donation would not be happy with the way the show handled the situation. They have had so many years of fears and superstitions to fight to get folks to donate, and here is DAYS using all the worst fears and bad stereotypes of organ harvesters and organ donation. It sure is not like the story GH did with BJ and Maxie Jones back in 1994 -- I was not even watching the show but read about the story in the net and watched and episode and was blown away.

  2. You know I have wonder if Dena or Tomlin or both actually were told that they would be let go and they are writing this as a final big Blank-off to Corday, purposefully trashing the show, and its characters.

    Can we get Sheri and then say everything from the past three years -- back to Frankie/Jennifer, John a quadriplegic and Tony dead all some bad nightmare.

  3. Ita, they could be discouraging ppl from signing up as an organ donor.

  4. Diva, if you want a good name for Rafe #2, how about: RoboRafe

    That is what we have been calling him on SOC's DOOL Message Board. I think that this came about due to the fact that there was an actual rumor out there that Rafe #2 was a Robot. LOL!

  5. Maybe Euge built him. Or are you folks too young to remember his robot when he had a cruise on Trista Evans (not sure if that was her last name), Marlena's cousin -- this was before Calliope came on the scene.

    If he is a robot then definitely they are channeling JERk from beyond the grave.

  6. CRUSH... sorry I had cruise on my mind when I typed this.

    I believe it was an actual robot and at the time. Anyone know if this is true or if it was someone in costume?

  7. GG said that Rafe #2 is not a robot, just some guy who got plastic surgery.

  8. I think we should call Rafe1 Roborafe. So far R2 has more personality than R1, not that that's saying alot...

  9. I was thinking RafeDos, instead of Rafedeux, or I was thinking of calling Rafe 2, "Pepe" since he seems peppier than Rafe 1.

  10. Wow! It seems lately the show has been very sloppy and choppy with their editing and most of the stories going off-screen. Awful.

    I thought Monday wasn't that bad but I swore GG was moving when he playing Rafe in the coma but Tuesday was a whole different story with choppy editing.

    It's obvious the budget cutting is taking a toll on the writing and that's the same mistakes that GL and ATWT did that got them cancelled along with bad and boring sets and storytelling in the long haul.

    After Monday and Tuesday episodes, I keep asking myself "Who in the hell is editing and writing this !@#$?" LOL.

  11. The editing is really awful.

    My eldest son said that GG was a good actor when he was lying there in his coma. lmfao!

  12. So, the upshot is that Nadia and GG put out Emmy winning acting when their respective characters are in comas?

    It is sad to read that the show's editors and crew do not seem to have any desire to put out quality episodes. I mean you could save money and still put out quality if you try hard enough, I would imagine you would have enough self-respect.

    I thought I read years back that Corday did not watch the show. Not sure if this was apocryphal or not, but I have to wonder, because how could anyone a show dear to his dear parents be put out in such a sad manner.

  13. I just was thinking this sounds like the reports of that abortion doctor -- cannot remember where he was -- who had high school kids helping in the abortions. Everyone is shocked at the torture chamber horror of it all. Yet DAYS is doing something similar and it is supposedly first rate medicine, and dramatic? Please get rid of TPTB because at least when GL and ATWT were canceled fans cared, and the show still had integrity and respect in the industry.

  14. I'm starting to think that soaps need to change this A plot, B plot, and C plot an episode ordeal, it doesn't seems feasible in today's economic soap industry. I like it when a soap can only focus on 1 or 2 plots an episode. Days could learn from doing that model.

  15. They need to stop writing plots and doing characters. They get these weird plots and they do not try to make the characters significant. Then they forget what they wrote and do something else. The characters mattered in the past, they were for the most part all unique and reacted due to their personalities and histories. The plots were the umbrella which developed the characters and moved their development and the development of the couples. Now the characters are just there and the plots take over. In the past the events had ramifications and affected the characters and couples for months and even years afterwards.

    Three plots a day is not bad, if they go back to the past with a main plot and secondary or equal plot, and then the minor plot which sometimes tied to one or both of the principal parts, or sometimes just stood alone. And they definitely need an umbrella story for an adventure for all the characters. They do not need any money for that, some of the great plots were filmed in the studio.