Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's "Physician, heal thyself" tweets

Pretty decent eppy except for the Jack bashing.

Nicole notices something is up at her wedding. Phil finds chloe's note. Chloe is at the pier with Parker. #freeParker

Rafe pickpockets the DiMera goon, gets his cell. r2d2 leaves a message to Stefano on his future "marital bonding" night with Sami. lmfao!

Rafe calls the SPD for Roman. Nicole asks EJ/Taylor what da hell is going on. Jenn is dressed and ready to leave the hospital.

Dan wants some time with Jenn. We know what that means. #gropefest

Dan wants to discuss feelings with Jenn. EJ explains he's met Taylor before. Lexie connects the dots. Nic is not happy.

Dan and Jenn are bickering. Roman gets his call from Rafe. The goon comes back for his phone. Amazing cell reception for a dungeon.

State rolls their eyes over the interruption. The kids are sitting on the floor. EJ won't explain, he wants to get married.

Chloe tells Parker Phelanie will be great parents. Parker is so friggin cute.

Taylor takes a seat. Wedding's back on. omg..Daniel called Jenn "princess." To the Jack fans: do not watch this eppy, lots of Jack insults

Roman asks r2d2 why he called him. Nicole walks down the aisle again. They didn't need a rehearsal after all, rehearse during the wedding.

State wedding flashback! I'm so glad they are still together. Wedding is back on, but we got more EJaylor pier flashbacks again!

No one objects during the wedding. Parker is jammering away, Chloe jumps into the water. Jenn tells Dan to "heal himself." #masturbation

Phil finds Parker and Chloe's suicide note pinned to him. Phil takes off his jacket and dives into the water.

Stefano says it's a proud day for him. Nic is holding Sydney while reciting her vows. Taylor decides to pass out. Phone call. (phone call for me)

Roman wants that last call traced. Dan and Jenn are still bickering when Phil comes in with Chloe.

Phil tells Dan Chloe jumped. Phil left Parker with a nurse. Dan says already Chloe will be ok. He wants Phil to see her first.

Dan thinks he gave Chloe the wrong meds. Phil blames himself. Phil said he knew Chloe would be at the pier because of Daniel.

r2d2 claims he called Roman due to a migraine. Roman wants him to get a physical. r2d2 calls the goon about the call.

Stefano gets a call and leaves. Johnny and Chad think Taylor is pretty. Wedding back on again. Kate's already drinking. lol

Chloe's note had a clue about the pier. She fell for Daniel at the pier. Flashback. Chloe's awake. Phil wants a Danloe reunion.

Jenn's with Parker, Daniel walks in. How can Daniel resist Parker? Jenn says he loves Parker. EJ says I do.

Stefano meets r2d2 at the pier, he fills Stefano in on Rafe's call to Roman. r2d2 wants Rafe killed. Join the club.

Daniel picks up Parker. Phloe talk. EJole exchanges rings. They kiss. Taylor is steamed.


  1. So what did they say about Jack?

  2. She called him fickle, and I don't remember the other word she used.

  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Jack fickle? Since they rewrote the stuff with Jennifer and HeWhoShallRemainNameless that means no KenDoll ValleyBoy Jack and Laura. So the only person Jack had sex with was fake Jennifer. Jack fickle Geez.... Jennifer better look in the mirror anytime a pair of abs says hi to her she falls in love.