Friday, February 18, 2011

Super boring Friday's tweets

ShareWhatever happened to cliffhanger Fridays?

Jenn and Carly, Jenn hasn't heard from Jack. Gladys tells Sami she heard Rafe being dragged down the hall. Chad gives Will Allie's pic.

Lexie and EJ in Lexie's office. EJ tells her that he's getting along with Safe. Gladys tells Sami Rafe was passed out.

Carly sticks up for Jack. Jenn says Jack abandons her all the time. "It's what he does." Phone call

Nice to have people call during DOOL, and then not talk to me. Whatever.

EJ gives credit for Rafe changing for the 4 of them getting along. Sami still argues with neighbor. Rafe2d2 shows up.

Sami says there's cameras in the hallway. rah roh.

Jenn tells Daniel he can beat up Jack if he shows up. Will, Gabi, & Chad discuss Allie's pic. *yawn* Will tells Chad about the Sydnapping

Lexie kisses her little bro. She's proud of him getting along with Safe. Lexie wants him to reach out to Chad. He's not interested.

Gladys says the cameras don't work. The actress playing Gladys is awesome.

I'm having a hard time concentrating on the show today. Totally dull, filler material.

EJ gives in to Lexie to help guide Chad. Will and Gabi interrupt Safe2 again. They give Sami Allie's torn pic.

Lexie tells Darly to go home. Jenn calls Maggie. r2d2 tries to talk sense into Sami. Rafe asks for water, doesn't get any.

Will walks Gabi home. r2d2 crumbles up Allie's pic. EJ finds Chad texting at the pier. Looks like Sami fell asleep. No lovin for r2d2

Maggie texts Darly. r2d2 wants to talk to Rafe. r2d2 punches Rafe a few times.

Lexie doesn't like Jenn fixing up Darly. Darly shows up at Chez Rouge. The table looks lovely. Dan is still wearing his wedding ring.

omg..a flashback of the Chad/EJ scene from TODAY. What kind of bullshit is that? r2d2 shoves Allie's pic in Rafe's face. I heart r2d2

EJ stops r2d2 from beating Rafe some more. Sami's having nightmares about Allie being missing. Finds bloody pic of Allie in dream.

Sami discovers r2d2 missing.

Darly toasts to Jenn. r2d2 goes back to the Safe apartment. Will & Gabi outside the Pub. Gabi kisses him. She goes to her room alone.

Safe2d2 are back in bed. EJ taunts Rafe by threatening Allie. *yawn* Thank God it's over. Hot date for the Diva tonight with hubby!


  1. Right Jack would not come. The only time Jack ran off was if he thought his presence in Jennifer's life would hurt her. This is the guy who did everything to protect her even when he thought he was not good enough for her. How many times did he save her life? He even went out of his way for Isabella, went up against and accidentally killed Harper, who raised him, to save Steve and Kayla. And we are to believe that he would not be there for him. And how friggin' long is a walkabout. I thought it was just for a while, as a spirit quest, and to find one's totem animal, and get enlightenment. He has been gone for months. He could have walk ALL AROUND Australian in that time.

    And even with the character wrecking fans do not want Jennifer with Doc Sleazy. What are they going to do next have it that Jack abused Jennifer and the kids?

  2. Totally agree now they trash Jack's character..and they have Frances Fisher freaking awesome talented Frances Fisher and what ? They make her play a neighbour for Sami and Rafe/RoboRafe BS storyline..they seriously deserve to be cancelled i am sorry but this show is DEAD.