Monday, February 21, 2011

More children in peril tweets

Another boring episode of Days of Our Lives. Aren't you glad that I'm here so you can avoid watching it yourself?

Rafe having flashbacks of his beat down by r2d2. Stefano wakes him up. Stefano threatens Allie. Mel at the hospital. Kate's there w Allie

Kate tells Mel thanks for reuniting with Phil. Phil at the Pub. Parker is there alone. Chloe was paying the bill at the bar.

Taylor delivers Johnny's balloons for Nic. Taylor got a job at the gift shop. Economy must suck in Salem if MBA's work for minimum wage.

Sami and Lexie are in Johnny's hospital room. They are wondering where EJ is. EJ smacks r2d2 in the head. lmfao He's not happy w r2d2

Nicole breaks up the EJ/r2d2 argument. Phil asks Chloe what she did yesterday that she learned from. Chloe confesses to leaving Parker alone

Phil figures out Chloe also left the stove on. Nic wants to talk to r2d2. Stefano says he's going to take Allie away from Sami.

Just realized during our blogtalkradio on Saturday that @kozziehooch is my evil twin.

Phil wants to get Chloe help today. Nic sticks up for EJ. r2d2 tells Nic she wins, he'll be nicer to EJ for the kids

Stefano calls r2d2. He wants r2d2 to take Allie home. Johnny's awake with a new eye. Glad the actors don't have to wear a patch anymore.

EJami is tearing up. Nic delivers Johnny's balloons. Sami tried to take Johnny home, but Nic and r2d2 say it's EJ's turn.

Daniel refuses to oversee Chloe's exam. If she's not getting groped, he's not interested. He changes his mind. Maxine escorts Chloe.

Mel asks Phil what's up with Chloe. Kate is talking to Stefano at the DiMansion. She wants to know why Stefano wasn't at the hospital.

Kate's concerned that Allie will get jealous. Phil doesn't think it's right to talk to Mel about Chloe's condition. He caves in.

Sami questions r2d2 wanting EJ to have the kids. Sami gets mad that r2d2 talks about servants being cool. Hypocrite.

Apparently Sami forgot about the time she freeloaded at the DiMansion. Show is totally blah today. So much for Feb sweeps.

r2d2 isn't happy that EJ thwarted his plans by having Johnny go home with Sami.

My 5 year old wants to know who r2d2 is. You'd think the writers would think the same thing. Obviously my son is smarter than the writers.

Taylor is still fantasizing about EJ. Lexie brings her back to reality. EJ & Lexie discuss Johnny. Daniel diagnoses Chloe with PPD.

Chloe is still talking about Danloe. Dan leaves her exam room. Phil tells Mel what Chloe did. Mel is flipping out.

Mel breaks her promise to stay quiet about Chloe's ppd. r2d2 calls Stefano to tell him that EJ sabotaged Johnny coming home with EJ.

EJ doesn't want them to kidnap Allie.

Phil asks where Chloe is to Daniel. Caroline is watching Sydney. Safe2 got the twins. r2d2 apologizes to Sami. Allie doesn't want r2d2.

EJ says Johnny needs Allie. EJ says they can fake Allie's kidnapping to Rafe. Good idea. Stefano still wants to kidnap her for real.

Stefano says he has the last word on the Allienapping. Nicole interrupts. Nic wants EJ to meet Taylor. He turns her down.

Daniel writes a prescription for Chloe. He gives it to Phil. Mel calls Kate with Chloe's PPD. Chloe overhears Mel.

Even Sami thinks it's odd that Allie doesn't want r2d2. Kate wants to talk to EJ. He doesn't want to.

EJ wants Kate to send Allie to Hong Kong with Lucas. Mel wants Phil to get full custody of Parker.

Chloe refuses to give custody to Phil. Phil butts in. Kate calls Lucas. EJ calls Nicole. He offers to come by to see Taylor.

Stefano keeps taunting Rafe. r2d2 offers to take Allie to the park. Thank God the show is over.

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  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    The ONLY good thing in all this mess is Johnny/Ally cutie bonding scene and it certainly not enough to say the least.